Modern Cash Prepaid MasterCard Provides Various Benefits

The Modern Cash prepaid MasterCard provides a number of ways to save money, spend money and load money onto the card. Multiple features provide an easy way to enjoy the card all year long. It's the only card you need.

Having a prepaid card provides you with a number of ways to spend your money easier. It's safer to have your cash loaded on a card because the card can be replaced if you ever lose it. You can't say the same about cash. More importantly, you get the financial freedom to use it when you want, load money onto the card easily and track your finances for added convenience.

Financial Freedom is Available with the Card

Credit cards can be difficult to obtain. There are credit checks, a waiting period and interest rates. A prepaid MasterCard is much easier because there's no approval necessary. As long as you have money to put onto the card, you're approved. Plus, you never have to worry about going into debt because you can only spend the money that is actually loaded on the card.

The card helps you out when you need it. If you're just a little short on a purchase, you don't have to worry about an embarrassing decline on your credit card. Instead, this card gives you overdraft protection that you can sign up for. This way your transaction still goes through and you get what you need when you need it.

With the MasterCard logo, you get to purchase anywhere and everywhere. The card is accepted around the globe and you have the ability to purchase online. There are millions of ATMs around the world that you can pull cash out with as well.

You're always protected with your card, too. It's backed by the FDIC which means that your money is safe on the card. It's also protected against identity theft. This means that your card will be replaced if it is lost or stolen. Any unauthorized purchases will not be your responsibility to pay.

Load Money on the Card in Many Ways

Having a prepaid MasterCard is only good when you can load money onto the card when it's the most convenient for you. This card provides you with many ways to do that:

  • Direct deposit
  • Western Union locations
  • Account to Account

The direct deposit allows you to put your paychecks right onto the card. You don't have to wait around for your check to arrive. You don't even need to make a trip to the bank. When you need the money, it's already there because your employer deposited it directly on there. Plus, when you deposit a certain amount or more, you get a credit on your account each month.

If you have cash, check, money order or any other form of money, take it to Western Union locations around the country. They'll put the funds on your card immediately so that you can use your card wherever you need.

Anyone else who has a Modern Cash card can send you money or receive money from you. Account to Account transfers allow you to send money online or over the phone. It's a free service to provide you with a way to fund your account (or the accounts of friends or family) very easily.

Track Finances Easily

Tracking finances is easier than ever. There's an online spending tracker to help you with budgeting. Log on to find out your balance, purchase history and more. It's the easiest way to track your money and it can be done 24/7.

Account alerts also allow you to find out what's going on with your card. These can be customized and sent as text messages to your mobile phone. These will tell you when it's time reload your card, if your account reaches a certain amount or any activity on your account.

You can also contact customer service with any questions or concerns. Sending an email is a complimentary service. There are customer service agents around the clock to assist you. There is also phone support, which is a nominal fee.

Final Word

Apply for the Modern Cash prepaid MasterCard by filling out the application online. This way you always have access to your money without relying on cash. You can save money with no interest charges and have a number of features available to manage the account.

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