Mobile Discover (Discover Benefits)

You are visiting a national park with virtually no computer access nearby and you have to check your credit account to ensure that the check you deposited has gone through. With Mobile Discover, open yourself to a new world of possibilities from your cell phone.

No matter where you are, you can always access your credit card account. Just point your mobile browser to the discover website and log on. The website has been streamlined to make your mobile browsing experience truly exceptional. The generic Discover website provides much more versatility and functionality for those who access the website using the computer. The Mobile Discover site offers limited functionality and convenience to perform basic tasks, for those who need to access it from their mobile phones.

The Basics Of Mobile Discover Website

Using the Mobile Discover website, any Discover card customer can manage his or her credit card account anytime, anywhere. Use the same login and password that you would use on your Discover account. Once you are logged in, you can securely manage your account from your mobile device. You can use the mobile website to make payments to your credit account and also checkout the recent transactions made using your credit card in case you suspect any fraud or double charging.

Furthermore, you can see your payment history details to know whether that check you deposited went through. Using this website you can also check your rewards and sign up for any new programs that you desire to be a part of.

A List Of Activities

The smart thing about logging onto the Mobile Discover website via your mobile device is that you can perform many tasks from wherever you are. You can view your account summary and ensure that any payments you have made or charges you have accrued are accurately reflected.

You can make a payment without resorting to sending a check or finding a computer to log on to the internet. You can even see up to 20 transactions, review your payment history and identify any pending payments. Want to know the status of your rewards? Simply log on to the mobile website and see for yourself. Sign up for new reward programs when they are announced.

Everything You Need On The Go

You may be taking a short break, a long vacation, or a business trip. No matter where you go the Mobile Discover website is available 24/7 through your mobile device. For any questions you have, you can log on to the mobile website and send us a secured message or simply make a call and speak to a customer service executive at 1-877-742-7822. This service is free and available to all Discover card customers.

Download The Application

The faster way to ensure that you are connected to the Mobile Discover website is to download the application on your smart phone. These apps are available on the Discover website and are made specifically for the iPhone, Android phones, and the Blackberry.

These apps have helped hundreds of thousands of discover card users to connect instantly, sign up for rewards programs on the go and do more than simply swipe their cards at retailers and merchants and wait for their billing statement to see how many rewards they have earned or the charges they have accrued.

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