MasterCard Zero Liability (MasterCard Benefits)

Banks that issue credit card voluntarily offer Zero liability to card holders. MasterCard has policy that goes beyond federal guidelines to safeguard their clients against fraudulent purchases. What it means is that you will not be financially liable for a fraudulent purchase.

Amongst the numerous benefits offered by the credit card, Zero liability protection is of utmost importance because you do not have to part away with your hard-earned money for a purchase you never made; rather someone stole your credit card and made fraudulent purchases. Read on to gain knowledge on this topic.

All that you Should Know

Most banks or financial institutions provide Zero liability protection free of cost. Others may provide a limited liability protection, where in you are responsible for up to $50 for a verified unauthorized purchase. You must report the loss or theft of your card within two days of receiving a report of such purchase. However, with Zero liability cardholders are not limited to a period to report suspicious activity.

The advent of Internet paved way for online shopping and e-commerce, credit card companies took an extra measure in the form of Zero liability protection to encourage cardholders to purchase online. Even though the concept of online shopping has been growing like forest fire, nonetheless you should take ample precautionary measures to safeguard your interests.

Ensure that you shop with trusted online merchants, and that you absolutely understand their return and delivery policies including privacy statements before you agree to pay. Use a secured web browser for all your transaction needs. Wondering how to check for a secured website? You must look for a padlock icon and the website should begin with https://.

Take a print of your online transactions, and never send payment information via email as it tends to be unsecured. Most importantly use a Zero liability credit card like MasterCard for transacting online.

Why MasterCard?

MasterCard credit cards with its Zero liability feature makes you shopping worry-free! As a MasterCard cardholder, you are not responsible in the event of an unauthorized shopping. This coverage extends to all your transactions, made over the telephone, online or visit to a store.

To obtain MasterCard Zero liability your account must be in good position, and you exhibit adequate measures in protecting your card; your claim history will reveal it. You should have reported only one unauthorized event in the past 12 months on your card.

How Does MasterCard Protect You?

MasterCard offers a special code on your credit card for you to enjoy hassle free shopping especially online. The SecureCode is provided during the card enrollment phase, and cardholders carry the same code over the newly dated cards.

In the event of fraudulent use, online retailer is unaware of your SecureCode, and obviously not uses it, thus malicious transaction records instantly. Furthermore, security question asked during the enrollment process assists you in resetting the code in the event of forgetting it.

Transact online with complete peace of mind with MasterCard today!