MasterCard Travel Accident Insurance (MasterCard Benefits)

Traveling is an unavoidable human activity, as long as human needs and wants continue to be a part of human nature, there will always be the desire to go from place to place. Mobility is the wheel that enables one to satisfy needs and wants, and traveling is just another medium to this intrinsic human craving. But there is one major evil that discourages and impedes traveling desires - accidents! Can accidents be avoided? What is possibly the solution to accidents experienced during traveling? What is the role of MasterCard in providing travel accident insurance coverage to clients?

Why Choose Travel Accident Insurance Coverage

Traveling is an unavoidable human activity. People travel for many reasons: jobs, tourism, relaxation, visitations, treatments, and many others. For these reasons, traveling is an activity one can never do without. The number of accidents is increasing, for instance the NHTS reports that 6,328,000 traffic accidents took place in the year 2003. For those who love traveling on foot, this fact is for you: in 2003, 56% out of 70,000 cases of traffic accidents concern pedestrians.

Still in the same year, the NHTSA also reported that in every twelve minutes, motor related fatality accidents occur in the United States and 42,643 people have also been reported to have died due to crashes. Despite this, the cases of traveling are on the increase, because as already mentioned it cannot be avoided. Air travel is said to be the safest mode of transportation but the main issue is that accidents still happens whether it is the safest mode or not. Though air travel is said to be less risky, the consequences are disastrous compared to other modes of transportation.

Accidents are avoidable but placed against the frequency of traveling, environmental conditions, human limitations, and nature, travel accidents continue to happen day, therefore it is right to say they cannot be eliminated, so what can you do? You can at least help yourself by getting travel accident insurance MasterCard coverage!

The Travel Accident Insurance Involvement Role

From the above explanation and statistics, it is clear that traveling cannot be avoid, and accidents can be avoided to an extent, but due to certain major and extenuating factors it cannot be eliminated. These are disturbing facts, but there is good news -- though accidents cannot be eliminated, you can get coverage for damages, injuries, dismemberment, and death. Most carriers travel insurance coverage is either non existence, or very vague, but for MasterCard holders the insurance is clear.

As long as MasterCard is used as a medium of payment for traveling tickets, accidents consequences like death and dismemberment insurance will be provided. So the burden of protection actually lies on the traveler. While some are nonchalant about travel accident insurance coverage, others are quite meticulous about getting coverage. No one wishes to die, or suffer any kind of loss, but the fact is accidents do occur.

The act of getting travel accident insurance from MasterCard is a wisdom move, the discouraging event of traveling accidents can never be eliminated (sorry to say) it is a fact, and the sooner one accept it and get wise, the better.