MasterCard Global Service (MasterCard Benefits)

MasterCard is among the top credit card companies in the U.S. As such, the company offers truly exceptional reward programs with their Platinum and Gold MasterCard. The benefits accruing from these reward schemes range from travel assistance, cheap repair costs, insurance services, savings on rent, and many more schemes that will truly save your money.

Global Network

MasterCard has grown considerably over the past few years in terms of acceptance and visibility globally. To respond to this demand, MasterCard launched the MasterCard Global Service to offer a range of services to its rapidly expanding worldwide clientele. This Global Service allows MasterCard cardholders to access rapid assistance at anytime and virtually anywhere on the globe with matters relating to their cards. The service is available 24 hours a day all year round therefore ensuring that all card holders can always be assisted anytime they need assistance.

The MasterCard global service offers assistance on matters such as: reporting of lost or stolen cards, translation services, emergency card replacement, finding the location of ATM that can accept MasterCard, disbursement of emergency cash advance, assistance in accessing applicable cardholder benefits, accessing any account related information.

Loss or Theft Reporting

The Global Service by MasterCard is particularly important in cases where a credit card is lost or stolen because it allows the card holder to report immediately and have the account cancelled. A cardholder is not held liable for any card that is reported lost or stolen and is used for any unauthorized transactions. That is why it is of paramount importance that loss or theft of a card be reported as soon as it occurs.

Emergency Card Replacement

Once a MasterCard cardholder reports a stolen or lost card but is in dire need for a replacement to either shop with or make arrangements to get a cash advance, the MasterCard Global Service can facilitate an emergency card replacement within 24 hours if within the U.S or 48 hours for any other global destination, provided the issuer approves the issuance of a temporary card.

Translation and ATM Location

For frequent travelers, who might find themselves in strange countries whose languages are foreign to them, the MasterCard Global Service has just the solution in case assistance is required with card-related services. The service representatives are skilled bilingual staff who will assist cardholders in virtually any language that they understand. The service also comes in handy when there is need to find the location of ATM that work with MasterCard when a cardholder happens to travel to unfamiliar territory.

Account and Cardholder Benefits

The MasterCard Global Service offers assistance worldwide to cardholders who may wish to access account-related information and any cardholder benefits that may be applicable at any given time. This is particularly important because the MasterCard reward programs are reviewed constantly with some rewards being improved, extended or dropped from the list of benefits.