Manage Your Card Account Online (AMEX Benefits)

American Express has stayed ahead of the curve by offering its clients many exciting new features as social trends in the industry begin to change. They've also been careful to make older options remain available for people who aren't ready to move up on new trends.

Managing credit cards accounts online is a perfect example of how American Express is offering more features for people who like to use every new convenience available. You can pay bills, review monthly statements, and keep your records organized online. These conveniences are what keeps American Express at the cutting edge.

Pay Bills Online

More people are beginning to convert their payment methods to use online options. Some people are still too nervous about putting their personal information on a website, but as more people become aware of the security systems online, they realize this method can be safer than mailing in a check. Many people are still just not willing to change their habits, and that is why American Express continues to allow older methods of payment, like mail. This means they can meet the needs of a wider range of customers.

For those who do want the convenience of paying bills online, they can simply register on the American Express website to get started. The account information will be available and statements can even be seen online. This is a great way to manage finances because one can take a look at the due date and schedule payments accordingly. It eliminates the need for writing a check, finding a stamp, and making sure the letter gets mailed within enough time to post on the account before the due date.

Review Monthly Statements

American Express keeps monthly statements available online for those who wish to view them that way. Customers can look at current statements and match up charges with their receipts to ensure there hasn't been any fraudulent activity. If discrepancies are found, customers can even begin a dispute online.

Keeping monthly statements online is a great way to help customers manage their spending using the computer as well. Transactions can be downloaded into financial management software easily so that customers can keep them in the format that works best for them while organizing their budget.

Keep Records Organized

The American Express website offers many features to help customers stay organized with their finances. This is a great help for many people who have difficulty in this area, and is also excellent for people with outstanding organizational skills. Customers can easily download a monthly statement to their computers and save it for future viewing.

Up to 12 months of archived statements can be downloaded at one time, and customers are not forced to wait between requests. While customers can only see 6 months of statements online, they can put in a request for older statements which will become available within 24 hours. These statements will remain available for 15 days. American Express also offers a handy year end summary that can be downloaded onto the customer's computer as well.

In short, it is simple to take advantage of the conveniences American Express has offered. Customers can start by paying their bills online. They can also review their monthly statements and make any necessary disputes online. Keeping records organized is a cinch with the online options offered by AMEX.

Disclaimer: This content is not provided or commissioned by American Express. Opinions expressed here are author's alone, not those of American Express, and have not been reviewed, approved or otherwise endorsed by American Express®.

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