Lost or Stolen Card Reporting (Visa Benefits)

Traveling has never been as free and relaxed as it is now with the Visa Card, since with a Visa card you no longer have to carry excess cash. You are protected against any loss, damage or theft anywhere in the world, provided you know the procedure for lost or stolen card reporting.

What is Lost or Stolen Card Reporting

This benefit is very important because once you report the loss of the card it is immediately blocked to prevent any misuse. A card holder can always have his peace of mind that even though he loses his card or if the card gets stolen by someone, the account is blocked the moment the loss is reported to the customer service center. This means no person, not even the owner can use the card.

Details of the benefit

Visa Lost / stolen card reporting protects the user from any misuse of the card and makes it unsuitable for use, once blocked. Once you realize that your credit card has been stolen or you have lost the card you need to immediately report the loss to the Visa toll free number. After this everything else will be sorted out by the customer support associate who receives your call. You are protected from loss.

Wide Coverage Toll Free Number

For lost or stolen card reporting you need to call the toll free number. You don’t need to worry if you are traveling outside the United States of America because Visa has a large network of 550 toll free numbers globally with the help of which you can call toll free from most of the countries and protect your financial interests.

Round the Clock Assistance

These toll free numbers are available 24 hours in a day and 7 days in a week. The customer service representatives assisting you are friendly and eager to help you out with the situation. They can assist you in many different languages and once you reach them they will make sure that you get the help you need regardless of your need.

Additional Benefits

Along with lost or stolen card reporting, you will get additional benefits like emergency card replacement and emergency cash disbursement services. Once you report the lost or stolen card you can process your request for either the emergency cash disbursement or emergency card replacement.

Immediate Action

The customer support executive at the toll free number will do the necessary processing so that if you are stuck in a city far from home, you can be assured you will receive cash or a replacement card. Generally the emergency cash or the replacement card will reach you within one business day and in some special cases it can reach you in less than 24 hours.

It is essential that you report the lost or stolen card immediately so that the card is not used by anyone else and also the process of the emergency card replacement and cash disbursement to begin only after you report it.

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