Lost or Damaged Luggage Insurance (MasterCard Benefits)

Have you ever had a problem with lost or damaged luggage? Frustrating isn't it? It is quite a different issue if the baggage is just delayed and not lost or damage. If you are a traveler, be it by air, road, rail, or any other means of transportation, luggage being lost or damaged is a common occurrence, so before going on vacation, take some precautionary steps (apart from been careful that is) and get lost or damaged luggage insurance coverage by MasterCard. You heard right, MasterCard offers a wide range of insurance options for not only lost or damaged luggage but for travel protection, shopping protection, car collision, etc. It is flexible, convenient, and again very important.

Issues About Damaged/Lost Luggage Insurance

Lost or damaged luggage has to do with the misplacement or destruction of your luggage in the process of traveling. The possibility of having luggage damaged or lost in transit is not rare, in fact it is increasingly becoming a common event. Sometimes people have to go without their luggage, clothes, and other items and that can be very frustrating. The common carriers seem like they still use the same fixed rules that cover damaged or loss luggage, except the “we will find it” promise which in cases like theft, cannot be met.

Airline loss or damage luggage insurance recovery conditions compared to other means of transportation is perhaps more defined -- not that it usually yields much, but at least a noticeable effort is made. For instance, ATA's (air transport association) intervention provision for lost and damaged luggage is too general and vague – they declared that in the case of lost luggage, the twelve airlines under their control will make an effort to return the luggage within 24 hours. What if your luggage is never found and if found damaged? Though some airlines go a little bit beyond this indifferent declaration made by ATA, the replacement situation is carefully avoided so what do you do if they can't find your luggage?

Lost Or Damaged Luggage Insurance

From the above explanation, it is clear that most carriers have little or no solution to lost or damaged luggage. Victims have been known to wait as long as three months to either have their luggage found, when found damaged (only very few get their luggage back without damage), and in the case of total lost or damages, little attempts like providing petty sundry damages is put forward -- not by all airliners, but few of them.

So to avoid this headache, the possible way out is MasterCard lost or damaged luggage insurance. Insurance coverage is provided to cover lost and damaged incidences. To qualify, all customers or card holders have to do is to make sure that the ticket is paid fully with gold or platinum MasterCard. When obtaining the card make sure that the insurance essentials are detailed.

The procedure of recovering lost or damaged luggage insurance is very daunting, even though institutions like MasterCard have gone out of their way to make replacement easy, the inconveniences one suffers without having their bags is very frustrating.