Lost Baggage Reimbursement (Visa Benefits)

Travelers across the world give thanks to Visa's lost baggage reimbursement policies. This is one policy that comes in handy for business people traveling across the world, vacationers going on their long awaited holiday and even regular travelers who need some sort of protection for their belongings.

This policy is one of the many benefits that Visa cardholders enjoy. Knowing that their baggage is safe and just in case it is not, they need don't need to be so worried about it – can help people travel a little more easily. This is the power and convenience that Visa brings to you. It is also one of the reasons why most travelers choose Visa cards when it comes to traveling and making purchases.

How Does The Lost Baggage Reimbursement Policy Work?

In a simple sentence, this policy provides Visa cardholders and their family's protection against any items lost during travel. It reimburses the cost of replacing the cardholder's checked or carry-on baggage including the contents.

This benefit is available to Visa travelmoney cardholders and may be available to other cardholders as well. To know the status of your Visa card, it is advisable to check with your credit card issuer about the policy and the coverage it extends.

How About Any Fine Print Or Other Terms And Conditions?

Like every other policy, the Visa lost baggage reimbursement policy has certain terms and condition that are attached to it. For example, while any Visa card that is eligible for this benefit covers checked-in and carry-on baggage (including contents).

The reimbursement provided is for the difference between "the value of the claimed amount" and the common carrier's (bus, train, airplane, cruise ship) payment. The maximum reimbursement on a per trip basis as well as per registered cardholder basis are established and published on the Visa card website.

Another important point to note is that the reimbursement will be made by Visa if the baggage is lost due to theft or due to misdirection of the common carrier.

Are There Any Items That Are Not Covered?

The lost baggage reimbursement policy has a list of items that are not covered. The list of exact items can be found on the Visa card website. It is explained in broad terms below:

  • Any automobile parts and accessories (cars, boats, motorcycles) are not covered
  • Contact lenses, sunglasses, artificial limbs, prosthetics, hearing aids, and dental bridges are not covered
  • Cell phones, laptops, and business items are not covered
  • Losses arising from confiscation, detention by Customs officials, or any public authority are not covered
  • Money, credit cards or debit cards, and traveler's checks are not covered

Any Other Relevant Details?

Visa cardholders can get many benefits by using their credit or debit cards: the cardholder inquiry service, the auto rental collision damage waiver, the emergency card replacement, and the emergency cash disbursement are just a few of them.

Traveling with a Visa card that has the lost baggage reimbursement as a benefit makes for worry free and confident travel. It is one of the benefits that is absolutely fantastic, when you need to use it. Speak to your credit card issuer to find out the details of your coverage today.

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