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The Simmons First Visa Platinum credit card is more than just something you keep as part of an emergency contingency plan. It provides you with many simplified benefits and features that can make it easier for you to manage your daily expenses too.

There are really only a couple of reasons why people look into getting a new credit card. First of all, one of the sustaining strategies behind credit card use is that they are good to have around in the event of an emergency.

Obviously, another reason why it might be a good idea to carry a couple of credit cards is that it helps you to establish a healthy credit history which will come in handy in the future when you want to buy a car or home. Finally, though, people like credit cards because of the exclusive benefits that they provide. The Simmons First Visa Platinum credit card offers all of these things to you.


The Simmons First Visa Platinum Card gives you access to money when you need it most. Whether you are stranded with a flat tire or need a large amount of cash, this card can be very reliable.

However, what is perhaps more important is that if your wallet or purse is stolen, this card can even get you emergency cash. If you are travelling and you cannot find your card, just report it is missing or stolen and it can be replaced, no matter where you are in the world. Visa benefits also include:

  • 24-hour cash availability from ATMs around the globe wherever the Visa logo is accepted
  • Cash advances available at several financial institutions wherever Visa is accepted as well

Credit History

The Simmons First Visa Platinum credit card can also help you to establish a solid credit history. Whether you use your card to make payments on your monthly bills or you devise a responsible strategy for buying big ticket items, this card can help you keep your budget on track and pay for things that you need and want.

Exclusive Benefits

There are a couple of things that the Simmons First Visa Platinum credit card can offer you that other cards might not. Aside from emergency cash, which could come in really handy, this card also provides you with extras like various travel insurances. As long as you use your card to make your travel arrangements you can get access to:

  • Travel accident insurance of up to one million dollars at no additional cost
  • Comprehensive and collision coverage for rental cars also at no additional cost
  • Benefits are available 24-hours unless precluded by the law or in violation of territorial terms of the existing rental agreement
  • Of course, other limitations or restrictions may apply

Basic Benefits

All credit cards possess the same or similar features at their very basic core. Typically, this includes a variety of fees and interest rates. This Simmons First Bank card is no different, except perhaps in the fact that it could save you money on these traditional characteristics.

For example, the Simmons First Visa Platinum credit card does not have an annual fee. This could save you as much as $150 a year when compared to other credit cards. You might also like it when you see the somewhat low interest rate. This could also save you a great deal of money over the lifetime of your card balances.

What makes this card different from many other cards on the market is that along with the lack of an annual fee and a low variable standard purchase interest rate, the Simmons First Visa Platinum credit card also has no balance transfer fee. This means that you can also use it to consolidate your existing credit card balances. This could save you some cash at the forefront of opening your account, which means more money in your pocket at the end of the month.

Final Word

As you can see, the Simmons First Visa Platinum Card can provide you with everything you need. Whether you travel for a living or for leisure, and whether you want a card for emergencies or everyday spending, this card has several benefits that you will appreciate.

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