High End Merchandise At A Discount With The Luxe Signature Card

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The Luxe Signature Card is not like the traditional credit card in that it is a zero interest merchandise line of credit that can be used in the Hutton Chase online store. With this account, high-end merchandise can be purchased at a discount and paid off quick.

The Luxe Signature Card is not a Visa or MasterCard. However, it is a merchandise card that allows individuals to purchase merchandise through an exclusive store. The credit limit is a generous amount, allowing members to have adequate spending power.

This spending power is then used in an online store where members can choose from a wide range of top items. Everything from iPads to top-of-the-line jewelry can be purchased and each item is available at a discount. Of course, there is a purchasing process, but it is an easy process. Once you complete it, all you have to do is make your monthly payment and no interest is charged. This keeps you from being in debt for items for long periods of time and paying a lot more than they are worth because of interest.

No Interest For Members

This line of credit doesn't charge members interest. Every charge is interest free. However, there is an account maintenance fee that is to be paid each month. The fee is due on the first day of account approval on the monthly anniversary date. This fee is to be paid on the day that the account is approved and opened, so you will need to pay this before you can have use of the account. The fee is a small amount.

There is also an NSF fee if you make a payment and it is returned for insufficient funds. If a payment is made late, then there is a late fee that can vary based on state. Aside from the late fee, the monthly account maintenance fee, and the NSF fee, there are no other fees that cardholders need to worry about.

Because nearly all of the fees are penalty fees, cardholders can easily avoid them. This helps them have as much control over the cost of the membership as possible. With 0 interest and no hidden fees, cardholders immediately know what they are getting when they sign up to receive the card. This is a guaranteed approval card as long as the eligibility requirements are met, so it is one that can benefit many types of individuals.

Buying And Returning

Buying items is simple. You go to the Hutton Chase website and you can choose items from the online store. When you choose what you want, you then move forward with the purchase process. This process involves making a down payment and the first month's payment, along with the shipping cost. The remaining balance is then divided over a five month period. This is your credit amount. At the end of the five month period, the item is paid off. If you buy multiple items, then you will make multiple down payments, pay the corresponding shipping charges, and your monthly payments will be combined into one total.

If you decide that you need to return an item, you may do so under certain conditions. For instance, a new computer may be returned if it is dead when it arrives. In other words, it arrives to its destination damaged. If the item has not been opened, you can return it for a full refund within 30 days of purchase. If the item has been opened, then you may not be able to return it if it is in working order. If a computer is returned because it was dead on arrival, Chase Hutton will most likely test the return and impose a customer fee equal to 15 percent of the product's purchase price if the condition of the item was misrepresented. If an item is damaged due to customer misuse, there are parts missing, or the customer is believed to have tampered with the item, it will result in the customer being charged an even higher restocking fee based on the product's condition. For computers, especially, Hutton Chase will not accept any desktop or laptop computer more than 30 days after the shipment has been received by the customer.


The monthly account maintenance fee is separate from the monthly payments that are made on products. However, the savings can still have an impact on what is being paid. Of course, the savings on an individual item is going to have an impact on exactly how much of the monthly fee is going to be offset. However, in a majority of cases, the account maintenance fee is offset completely and then some. The savings on the item typically far exceeds the monthly fee.

As for how purchasing items through Hutton Chase benefits you, you are able to get the items that you probably would not purchase otherwise. Not everyone has the $500 or so to purchase an item that they have always wanted. They can make payments, but they can't pay it in one lump sum. This means not being able to have the things that are desired. Through this card, the individual is able to acquire those items. Rather than paying the entire amount in one lump sum, a down payment is made and then the affordable monthly payments are made in order to complete the purchase in five months.

What you receive is an item that is obtained at a discount that you may not have been able to receive without the membership. This can benefit you for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays, or when you want to get something for yourself.

Final Word

Unlike the traditional credit card, the Luxe Signature Card keeps a person from being in debt for high-end items for long periods of time. With no interest for members and a low monthly fee, cardholders can receive items they have always wanted for a discount.

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