Helpful Financial Tools (Discover Benefits)

While most credit card issuers can help by providing online access and email statements, very few go out on a limb to give you something really useful. The Spend Analyzer is a truly helpful financial tool provided by the people at Discover credit cards.

As the name suggests, it allows you to analyze your spending patterns, figure out where you spent the most – gas, grocery, eating out, clothes, electronics – and it allows you to check back on your spending in the last 24 months. That's a lot of useful data available at the click of your mouse button.

Pie Charts Or Bar Graphs?

One of the best things about the Spend Analyzer is that it is free. If you have a Discover card, just log on to the Discover cards website, navigate to the tools section, and find the spend analyzer. This helpful financial tool calculates your spending patterns without you having to input every transaction.

It automatically populates the values from the transactions on your statement and then offers you a quick graphical representation of how exactly you have spent your money. Not only does this make things easier – they can process information easily in a graphic representation, but it also gives you an opportunity to see the bigger picture about your finances.

When And Where Too!

Not only does the Spend Analyzer give you the data about purchases, it also gives you data about the merchants you have frequented and how much you have spent at that particular merchant's store. You can further drill down at the merchant's or individual retailer's level and find out how many transactions you have conducted there.

Imagine that because of access to such data you may choose to apply for the merchant's credit card to earn rewards or accumulate savings through store discounts for members and more. The Spend Analyzer can certainly be a helpful financial tool to manage your monthly spending wisely.

Knowledge Is Power

Knowing how you spend your money, where you spend it most, and at what retail stores can definitely help you make better choices and more informed decisions. You can not only change the way you spend but also figure out ways to save money and earn better rewards when you spend that money.

Seeing the big picture gives you the power to change your financial habits, your savings, and your spending. Keeping track of all this is simply one aspect of the spend analyzer. It also helps you analyze your spending in greater detail and with more clarity. The Spend Analyzer is a helpful financial tool that delivers knowledge and helps build your wealth.

That's Not All

Discover cards also offer many other tools to ensure that you can manage things incredibly easily and conveniently. The Paydown Planner helps you break down your current outstanding balance over a specific timeframe, giving you an exact degree of time and amount by which you have zero balance remaining on your credit account.

The Purchase Planner is another very helpful financial tool that allows you to plan and manage monthly payments for a large purchase. Understanding these tools is getting a glimpse into how money can be spent and credit can be used wisely.

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