The Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard Provides Many Rewards

Many dream about going to Hawaii. Others dream about traveling to and from the Continental U.S. to take in the sights and the melting pot as a whole. With the Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard, you can take it all in and then some with generous rewards and no foreign transaction fees when you travel internationally.

If you like to travel to and from Hawaii and Hawaiian Airlines is your airline of choice (or will be with this offer), then the Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard may be the travel rewards card that you are looking for.

To earn the miles, you simply use the card. When you spend a minimum amount of money on the card within the first three months of opening the account, then you earn bonus miles. The bonus miles that are awarded are very generous and serve as a great start toward saving a lot of money on travel.

From there, cardholders can earn annual bonus miles if a minimum dollar amount is spent on the card each year. If the minimum amount is not spent, then bonus miles will not be applied to the card.

As for how you earn your miles on purchases, you can earn double the miles on any direct purchases that you make from Hawaiian Airlines. In other words, you can purchase your airline tickets with your card and receive two times the points for every dollar spent. On all other purchases, you receive one mile for every dollar spent.

Redeeming HawaiianMiles

When you opt to fly Hawaiian Airlines, you can redeem your HawaiianMiles for flights. All you have to do is sign into your HawaiianMiles online account through the Hawaiian Airlines website and follow the steps toward ticket purchase and redemption. Redeeming your miles is very simple so that you immediately know how much your ticket is going to cost you, if it costs anything.

You can redeem as many miles as you like as often as you like as long as the miles are there for you to use. You can also utilize the ShareMiles program, which allows you to share miles with friends or family members who are also HawaiianMiles members. You can send miles an unlimited number of times, but each individual can only receive them ten times per year. This is a great way for individuals to be able to help each other save as much as possible on their flights. You can give miles to a friend or family member as a gift so they can fly free or you can give miles just because. It should be noted that while miles can be shared, other discounts and offers cannot be.

Generous Rewards

The rewards that are received with this card are generous. In addition to the way you earn your miles, there are also no blackout dates or any caps on the number of miles that you can earn. This means that you can use your card as much as you like to earn the miles that will save you a lot of money on your travel.

You can also earn up to ten times the miles when you use your card with select partners. You will be able to obtain a list of these partners on the Hawaiian Airlines website, as the list can change from time-to-time.

You also receive special perks, such as 24/7 concierge service. If you need something and you don't have the time to take care of it, your concierge can take care of it for you. If your luggage is lost, then you can apply for luggage reimbursement so that you can replace important items that were lost. If you need assistance while you are traveling, you have access to free travel assistance services. You may even want to forego the damage waiver offered by the car rental company and use the one that you receive because you are a cardmember since it will save you money.

For those that enjoy entertainment opportunities, you have access to VIP events and unique experiences that you wouldn't have access to otherwise. It is a card that can benefit anyone who likes to travel Hawaiian Airlines and who wants to have a little more adventure in their lives.

APR And Fees

Of course, there are always fees and interest when it comes to having a credit card account. With this one, there is a small annual fee. When compared to other cards similar to it, the annual fee for the Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard is comparable. It is charged on the anniversary date of the account each year.

As for the APR, it is rather straightforward in that it can vary within a range. The exact APR that you receive will depend on creditworthiness and the Prime Rate. This rule applies to the purchase APR and the balance transfer APR. The cash advance APR is a fixed percentage regardless of creditworthiness. Instead, it is based on the Prime Rate.

If you would happen to make a late payment, Barclaycard, the card issuer, reserves the right to apply a penalty APR to the account. This is a higher APR that can remain in place indefinitely. If you wish to avoid paying the APR on purchases, all you have to do is pay off your entire balance before the due date. This means also paying off any part of the balance that is related to cash advances and balance transfers.

In addition to the penalty APR, a late fee could be assessed to the account. If a payment is returned due to insufficient funds, then a returned payment fee is charged. If by some chance a payment is late because of a returned payment, then both fees will be applied to the account.


The Hawaiian Airlines World Elite MasterCard is a true travel rewards card, providing its cardholders with everything needed to have an affordable and fun travel experience through Hawaiian Airlines.

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