Freedom Gold Card Is More Than A Shopping Card

Everyone wants life to be more convenient in some way and the Freedom Gold card is one of those ways. Members receive a number of exclusive benefits that are designed to save money and also help members when in a bind. For a small membership fee, all of this can be received for as long as the account is in good standing.

The Freedom Gold card is a shopping card that allows for members to shop in the exclusive online store and acquire name brand merchandise for good prices. However, it is also a card that comes with a number of other benefits that are convenient and they can save money for cardholders.

These benefits are provided to members that pay the monthly membership fee. As long as that fee remains paid and the account in good standing, then cardholders will be able to take advantage of these benefits.

My Privacy Protection

Many individuals like being able to see their credit reports so that they can see whether or not their scores are dropping or increasing. A good credit score helps a person with car purchases, home purchases, and much more. With My Privacy Protection, members can log into an account that is online and view their credit report when they want to. This is a way to help you get yourself on track financially so you can someday buy a home.

My Universal Rx

Prescription medications can be quite expensive, which is why it can pay to have a prescription savings plan. My Universal Rx gives you the savings that you are looking for. It is possible to save nearly half off of covered prescriptions. If you ever have a question of what prescription medications are covered, you can consult with a website that is dedicated to just the My Universal Rx plan. It is good to check with this website each time you need to obtain a prescription so you can see any changes that have been made to the plan.

My Roadside Protection

When traveling on the road, it is good to have the peace of mind that you need when you are away from home. When you break down, you want to know that there is someone there to help you no matter where you are so that you are not stranded or having to pay a fortune to get to a safe place.

The My Roadside Protection benefits begin after a 5-day waiting period from the time of enrollment or reinstatement of the account. You are allowed up to 3 towing calls or service requests. If you need towed, you are allowed to be towed up to 15 miles, but the cost of the tow is to not exceed $50. If you have to be towed an additional distance, then you will be responsible for those costs. While you are allowed three towing requests or service calls, tows are to not exceed one in a 30-day period and no more than 3 total service calls within a year.

Service calls include up to 2 gallons of fluid delivery that must be repaid at the current pump price for the area that you are in. If you are locked out, there is lockout service that will ensure you are let back in your vehicle. A local locksmith will be called to your location to let you in. If you get a flat tire, then someone will come to you to put your spare on your vehicle for you. This is a much safer and accurate alternative to doing it on your own on the side of the roadway.

It is important to note that the My Roadside Protection service is to not be used for accident vehicle recovery. If calling for that purpose, there will not be any benefit coverage.

The My Legal Assistance benefit gives you access to legal resources online that you may not have access to otherwise. If you are charged with a crime, criminal defense cases are not covered under the plan. The plan allows you to have a 30-minute consultation with an attorney in your area in all other areas of the law. The attorney will specialize in the area in which you need help. This can help you make an informed decision as to who to use as your attorney or how to move forward with a legal matter.

Exclusive Online Store

Members are able to shop within the exclusive online store. The merchandise is high quality merchandise from some of the best brands. What the Freedom Gold allows you to do is purchase this merchandise and then pay for it later through your minimum monthly payments. There are transaction fees and shipping and handling associated with the purchases, but those charges are minimal.

The result from using this store is you being able to obtain merchandise without having to pay for it all at once. It should also be noted that there is no APR on purchases. When looking at the big picture, the shipping and handling and transaction fees are less than the interest that would be paid on the balance each month.

Courtesy Programs

There are also courtesy programs that are put in place. For instance, My Fuel Savings is a program that members receive so that they save money on their fuel costs. This is something that can add up over time because of the high cost of fuel. There is no warranty or guarantee that a particular courtesy program may remain in place, so it is important to check the account regularly to see what programs are in effect so that you can use them.


The Freedom Gold card is a competitive shopping card with the many benefits that it offers and the price in which it offers them. With the savings that can be achieved through the different benefits, some of the cost of the merchandise, fees, and shipping can be offset over time.

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