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Applying for the World MasterCard for Lufthansa is easy. The Premier Miles & More card has an affordable annual fee, a low APR and the ability to earn many bonus miles with qualifying purchases. Every purchase earns at least 1 award mile.

How To Earn Miles

There are many ways for you to earn miles with the credit card. From the moment you get the card and it is activated, you can begin earning miles. The miles will not expire as long as you make monthly qualifying purchases.

Many bonus mile earning opportunities are available. You can earn bonus miles when you make your first purchase. This requires making a single purchase in excess of a certain dollar amount within a certain period of time after activating your card.

You can also earn bonus miles after an initial balance transfer. As long as you transfer at least a certain dollar amount over to the card, you can earn the miles. The other advantage to this is that you can save money by moving the balance of a higher APR car to your Premier Miles & More card.

It will also be possible to earn award miles for every dollar that you spend on the card. Double miles will also be rewarded when you purchase tickets from any of the airline partners, including Lufthansa. With MasterCard as the logo on the credit card, you will find it very easy to earn miles with the card because of how many merchants worldwide accept the card.

Perks Of The World MasterCard

Having a Barclaycard World MasterCard in your possession provides you with an array of perks. While there is an annual fee on the card, it is lower in comparison to many other cards. You can also enjoy many features that ultimately pay for the annual fee – as long as you use the card frequently.

With this card in your wallet, you can enjoy:

  • No mileage expiration
  • No limit on miles earned
  • Various travel rewards
  • The ability to have annual fee waived

There is no mileage expiration on the card. Assuming you make a qualifying purchase each month, the miles will never expire. This allows you to save the miles up over time in order to fly where you want, when you want without paying for the ticket on your own.

There is no limit to the miles that can be earned in a calendar year. You can earn as many points as you can throughout the year. The more you purchase on the card, the more you can earn. This allows you to earn as many points as possible to take advantage of the many travel rewards.

You choose the travel rewards to be purchased with your miles. For example, you can choose free airline tickets on Lufthansa or any of the airline partners. There are also other ways to use the miles. This includes free hotel stays, free car rental days as well as various deals that may appear throughout the year.

Another benefit of the World MasterCard is that it's possible to have the annual fee waived. You can avoid paying the annual fee altogether if you are a Senator or HON circle member. This will save you even more money while providing you with the same benefits as all other cardholders.

Other MasterCard Perks

There are many features provided to you as a MasterCard cardholder. You not only get the benefits of having a World MasterCard by Barclaycard but you also get to enjoy other free benefits. They are never charged to you – they are simply available to you whenever you choose to use them.

Such perks of the card include:

  • Online account management
  • Round the clock customer service
  • Fraud protection

Online account management allows you to manage your account with ease. You will have a username and password that can be used to check your account details online wherever you have an internet connection. You can download statements, view your account balance and find out what your credit line availability is. You also have the ability to pay your bill online and contact customer service with any questions. All of these features are provided to you 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

24/7 customer service is also provided to you. There is a toll free number that you can call, found on the back of your card. You can hear account basics on the automated section or you can ask to speak to a live representative. This helps you get the answers to your questions immediately. You can dispute charges, ask questions and even request a credit line increase from a representative. With 24 hour access, you make the call at your convenience, day or night.

Fraud protection is an ongoing service on the account as well. You can use your card online, over the phone and in person. Your account activity is always being monitored by the bank. In the event that you do something out of the ordinary or it shows up that you made two purchases in two cities on the same day, your account will be flagged. This is done for your protection to ensure no unauthorized charges are made. You will never be held liable for a charge that you didn't make.

Having the card provides you with many benefits. You can enjoy earning miles, managing your account online and even get a card mailed to you wherever you are in the world if yours is lost or stolen.


When you apply for the Lufthansa Premier Miles & More Card, you can get approved quickly. Within minutes of owning the card, you can begin earning free miles towards free flights on Lufthansa all around the world. You decide where and when you can use your miles.

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