Free Financial Calculators Online

Once you learn the tips and advice that this site has to offer you can use these calculators in order to determine what the fastest way to pay off your debt is, how paying the minimum really affects you, and how you can manage your debt over a period of time without accumulating harsh interest. Each calculator has its own purpose, but they all help you determine what you really should be paying on your credit card debt each month. The smartest way is to keep your purchases to a minimum and pay them off quickly, but if you don't have that option, these calculators can help.

Minimum Payment Calculator

Credit card minimum payments may seem convenient on the surface, however making only the minimum payment each month can be quite costly and it can take several years to pay off your credit card debt. More >

Credit Card Payoff Calculator

If you are in credit card debt, you might be interested in setting a goal to have that credit card paid off by a certain time. In order to reach the payoff goal, however, you need to know how much money you have to send each month. More >

Mortgage Affordability Calculator

Determining mortgage loan principal (money owed to the bank for a house), can be very beneficial, particularly if you are looking to pay your mortgage off ahead of time. To figure out remaining balance, you need to know: 1. loan amount, 2. loan interest rate, 3. loan length 4. how many months you have already paid. More >

Refinancing Calculator

Deciding whether or not you should refinance your home mortgage depends upon several factors. It also depends upon whether you are looking to simply reduce your monthly payment or if you are hoping to save money in the long run. More >

Rent or Buy Calculator

Is it financially better to buy a home or to rent? The answer depends upon 3 main factors -- how much the home costs, how much is the rent, and what is the maintenance cost. More >

HELOC Calculator

Home Equity Line Of Credit (HELOC) is an option if you have certain amount in your home equity and debt payments are more than you can afford to pay monthly. In addition, it helps to lower interest rate on those same debts. More >

How Much House Can I Afford?

By plugging in the cost of a home, the suppositional interest rate, and a down payment amount, you can determine how much your income will need to be in order to qualify for the mortgage loan on your dream home. More >

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