Fraud Protection Center (AMEX Benefits)

American Express understands the needs of consumers to be educated and helped when it comes to dealing with fraud. They've created the Fraud Protection Center as a service to their customers in order to help them avoid fraud and deal with it if it happens to them.

Fraud affects many Americans and because of that, the American Express Fraud Protection Center offers services that help prevent it from happening. Their main focuses lie in their fraud protection guarantee, authorized user verification, account monitoring, and alerts. The systems they have in each of these areas are designed to minimize the effects of fraud on their customers.

Fraud Protection Guarantee

AMEX offers an excellent guarantee that means their customers will not be held responsible for fraudulent charges. They advertise no fine print on this guarantee, so customers don't have to worry. It is available whether the card is used online or off, any time. This guarantee allows customers to shop with confidence and also creates quite a bit of loyalty.

Many credit cards will have consumers pay the first $50 of fraudulent charges. But, American Express announces that if someone uses their customers' cards without consent, the customers will not have to pay any part of the fraudulent charges. This means they don't have to pay the first $50 either.

Authorized User Verification

American Express has put a system in place where retailers may ask customers to provide a zip code or the card identification digits located on the back of the credit card when a purchase is made. Providing this information helps confirm that it is indeed the customer using his card, and not someone else using the card who shouldn't be. This information will not be used for marketing purposes and it is not retained by the merchant. It is used for security purposes only, so customers should confidently consent to providing it.

Account Monitoring

American Express has many cutting edge systems and technologies in place that help them to detect fraudulent activity. These systems are designed to protect their customers' accounts. If unusual activity is detected on the account, the credit card may be suspended until they are able to confirm whether the purchases were indeed authorized by the customer. This may be a source of frustration when it happens, but customers should remember the goal. If fraud has been detected, it will serve to notify them sooner, so they can take any necessary actions to ensure their other accounts are safe as well.



American Express has established alerts for their customers. These will allow customers to receive necessary information quickly to help protect themselves. Irregular Account Activity Alerts can detect questionable transactions. Customers do not need to sign up for this type of alert. American Express will contact the card holder as soon as irregular activity is spotted.

Customers can sign up for Account Alerts to stay better informed on what is going on with their accounts. They will receive emails or text messages providing information on when payments are due, when they are received, when the credit limit is getting close, and what the current balance is. These alerts will help customers to notice if anything out of the ordinary is taking place with their accounts. They serve as another check against fraudulent activity.

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