The Feature-Rich Credit One Bank Credit Card

Features are a big deal when it comes to credit cards and this goes for all types of credit classes. The Credit One Bank Credit Card provides a number of features for all cardholders to enjoy so that they are able to get the most out of their card.

Credit One is a big name in credit cards and to get one, you can go to the website and get pre-qualified or you can respond to a mail offer. If you received a mail offer and you wish to respond to it, you simply click the appropriate button and enter the information that you are prompted to enter. This information includes the approval code in the letter you received and your social security number.

If you have already submitted your application, you can check your application status from this page or you can move forward with getting pre-qualified online if you haven't received a credit card offer. After you have entered the approval code and your social security number, you simply follow the steps toward applying for a card and can get a credit decision in as little as 60 seconds.

When you need to get pre-qualified, you are asked for a little more information. You are asked for your name, social security number, and address to get started. From there, you agree to the disclosures and the terms and conditions so you can continue your application. By continuing the application, you acknowledge that Credit One Bank can obtain information from your personal credit file in order to pre-qualify you. It is important to keep in mind that pre-qualification doesn't guarantee that the account will be approved. In order to see if you will be approved, you can submit a full application to apply for the pre-qualification offers that are provided to you.

Pre-Qualification Offers

Something that is unique about the Credit One Bank credit card is that there are different offers made to those who are pre-qualified. These offers involved the APR and the annual fee. Creditworthiness is going to determine exactly which of the approximately seven offers a person is presented with. The lower the APR that is offered, the lower the annual fee will be. However, there are several levels in which the APR is the same, but the annual fee reduces.

If the highest APR and highest annual fee is offered, then the first year comes at a reduced annual fee and then the second year is billed the full annual fee, but it is deducted from the account's balance on a monthly basis rather than all at once. In addition to this lower annual fee the first year, if it applies to the offer that is received, there are no fees on cash advances for the first year. This is something that can save a lot of money in the first year if you need a cash advance from the card.

Choose Your Due Date

Credit One does give you the opportunity to choose your due date. The bank initially chooses your due date for you based on when the account is opened. You, however, have the ability to change it to a date that better suits your needs. This change can be made after the initial billing period. To make the change, it needs to be done through customer service by calling the toll-free number on the back of the card. The new date needs to be at least six days before or after the original due date that was assigned by the card company. The new payment due date will not be effective until it appears on the monthly billing statement. Account payments must also be up-do-date before this feature can be used. The due date may also only be changed once in a six month period. This means that you can change your due date more than once a year as circumstances change and affect you financially.

Credit Protection Program

There is an optional program that cardholders can enroll in called the Credit Protection Program. It pays up to six benefit payments in the event that something occurs you are unable to make your minimum payment. The event that prevents you from making payments must be a qualifying event, such as illness. Disability and unemployment are not covered by the plan, but other events are so that your minimum payments are made for you, keeping you from having delinquent payments that can reflect badly on your credit.

This program does come at a cost. The fee is based on the monthly account balance and is a certain number of cents for every $100 of the balance. During this benefit period, the card will not be able to be used for cash advances, purchases, or bill payments. Cardholders do have the right to cancel their enrollment in the program at any time and for any reason, but the fees will not be refunded.

Unique Features

There are a number of features that you receive with the Credit One Bank Credit Card. They include platinum status, gas rewards in the form of cash back, automatic reviews for credit line increases, updates to all of the major credit bureaus, free online monthly credit score tracking so you know what you have to do to keep your credit report on track, and you are able to enjoy the $0 fraud liability policy in case your card is lost or stolen and fraudulently used. If approved, you will be issued a Visa or MasterCard, which means you will receive the protections that each one is known for.


From protection and saving money on gasoline to being able to choose your due date, the Credit One Bank Credit Card with Online Credit Score Tracking is flexible and it gives a cardholder freedom that they may not receive with other cards. Basically, it gives its cardholders what they need out of a credit card and the same features are afforded to different credit levels.

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