Enjoy Benefits With The Virgin America Visa Signature Card

You can apply easily for the Virgin America Visa Signature Card and find out if you've been approved in a matter of seconds. With every purchase, you are able to enjoy benefits. The card is one that you will want in your wallet wherever your travels take you.

How To Earn Points

Earning points with the Virgin credit card is easier than on other credit cards. Upon being approved and making a qualifying initial purchase, bonus points can be obtained. After that, it will be possible to earn points by making purchases:

  • On Virgin America
  • Anywhere else

More points will be earned with purchases on Virgin America. However, anywhere the card is used, it will be possible to earn at least 1 point for every dollar spent.

The points can be accumulated and used when a certain level is reached. There are various deals to earn additional points and it may be possible to earn even more points when certain spending limits are achieved in a calendar year.

Points can be traded in for free flights on Virgin America flights as well as other participating airlines. Free flights can save you a lot of money, especially if you do a lot of traveling over the course of the year for business or pleasure.

Perks Of The Virgin America Credit Card

There are some perks with having the Virgin America credit card. Such perks include:

  • No blackout dates
  • Deals and upgrades
  • Free travel
  • Reduced companion tickets

It is possible to experience no blackout dates when you are ready to redeem the points for flights. This means that there will be no one to tell you that you can't use points during a specific time of the year. You can use it whenever you have the points and whenever you want to travel.

Deals and upgrades are available throughout the year from various hotels, resorts and spas. You may be able to use points for a stay, or earn points when you use the cards at these different places. Additionally, when you use the card at these places, you may get a free upgrade to a better room or a better spa package than what you originally signed up for. This provides you with more luxury for less money.

Free travel may also be available. The points that you accumulate with your various purchases save you money on all of your travel. You can redeem for free flights and there are participating hotels and other travel companies that will offer you deals throughout the year.

Each year you can also take a certain amount of money off of your companion ticket. This means that when you buy a ticket for someone to accompany you on one of your travels, you save a significant amount of money just for being a cardholder.

Additional Benefits Of Carrying A Visa

Just by carrying a Visa, you are granted various other benefits. These come at no cost and are easy to use all year long.

  • Online account tools
  • Fraud protection
  • 24/7 customer service

Online account tools make it easy to control your finances. By logging onto the internet, you can find out what your balance, account limit and much more are. You can also download statements, pay your bill online and contact customer service with inquiries. Wherever you have an internet connection, you have the ability to manage your account.

Fraud protection is readily available at all times. Your account is being monitored to ensure your account isn't breached by any unauthorized users. If your account is ever compromised, you are not held responsible for account charges. A new card can also be sent out at no charge to you.

Customer service also operates 24/7 for your convenience. You can choose to get account information from the automated system. You can also choose to talk to a live customer service representative to get details about your account. Whether you have a question about a feature or a charge, someone will be able to answer you immediately.

Final Word

You can apply for the credit card easily enough. When it's accepted everywhere, you can get more out of your Virgin America Visa Signature Card. The benefits provide you with perks all year long, including free travel and the ease of managing your money wherever you go.