Emergency Card Replacement (Visa Benefits)

Emergency card replacement is one of the protection services offered by Visa to all its card holders. All valid Visa credit card holders can get their card replaced with high priority within one business day or within 24 hours after approval in some cases.

A card holder who loses a card or if the card is stolen then the person must report it to customer support and first get the credit card blocked and then put in a request for the card replacement. This is helpful feature when you are stuck in some other city just because you have lost your belongings or it has been stolen.


All valid visa card holders are eligible for this benefit. This is not a " Premium Only" service, which does not cater to the basic card holder. This feature is universal and all cardholders benefit from it.

Availing an Emergency Card Replacement

A valid card holder has to report the loss of the card or if the card is stolen as soon as possible. The customer can call the global toll free customer support over the phone and inform them of the loss. Once the card holder reports the loss of his card, the customer support executive at the toll free number will work with the customer and the card issuing bank to get the process started. The issuing bank or the financial institution is approached for an approval and once everything is cleared on their side, Visa begins the card replacement process.

Fast Replacement of Visa Card

After the approval it would normally take one business day for Visa to send the card to you. In some special cases the card is shipped within 24 hours from the time of approval from the card issuing bank. Visa generally ships the replacement card directly to you or in some cases it will deliver it to a collection center which is closest to your current location.

Usability of this Benefit

To understand this benefit and its importance we can consider a scenario where the card holder loses his belongings while on a business trip. Even after losing all the cash that cash carried along with the credit card, he or she would at the risk of getting stuck in a foreign land without a way out. This benefit is a life saver for the card holder in such a situation. The cardholder can get back on track within 24 hours or maximum one business day. There is always hope when you are carrying a Visa card.

In case of a damaged card, the situation might not be that serious, but you can still get this benefit and get an emergency card replacement. Emergency card replacement as a benefit might not sound that attractive when you first hear of it and you might not even register it in your mind, but it is a really vital benefit if you find yourself in a precarious situation such as theft. Hence, it makes your travel plans tension free in every possible way.

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