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The AeroMexico Visa Signature Card benefits those who frequently travel AeroMexico or those who anticipate traveling the airline. There are a number of benefits that are afforded to cardholders with many money saving opportunities presented every year so that the card practically pays for itself.

The AeroMexico Visa Signature card is a travel friendly credit card in that it offers its cardholders travel benefits that save them money. The money savings starts with the miles that are earned for making purchases. For every $1 spent on the card, one point is earned. There are opportunities to earn double points, such as when making airfare purchases through AeroMexico with the card. Cardholders are also able to save a percentage of money on AeroMexico airfare when using the card. Points are also doubled when making grocery and gas transaction. One note regarding using the card for gas and groceries is that the double points are awarded if the store is classified as a grocery store or gas station. If it has any other classification, then it is possible that one point for every dollar spent will be added to the account instead of two points for every dollar.

As for how much this card costs to have, there is an annual fee tied to this card, but it is waived for the first year as an introductory offer. Once the card is used the first time, there are bonus miles awarded to the card. There is also a Complimentary Companion Ticket that is provided. Another ticket is awarded to the account along with more bonus points when the card is renewed the second year. The annual fee is assessed at this time, but its value is less than the Companion Ticket, thus saving even more money on travel.


The card benefits are rather extensive in that you have the miles, the companion tickets, the introductory waiver of the annual fee the first year, and bonus miles every year. There are also shopping opportunities and dining privileges. All of these can come in quite useful when traveling. Many of the benefits can be used while you are on vacation, cutting the cost of your trip.

Cardholders also receive access to the Visa Signature Concierge and all Visa Signature services. Through the concierge, you can have certain tasks taken care of using your card, such as gift buying. This is a convenient service when you are pressed for time and cannot carry out certain tasks yourself.

There are also more defined travel benefits, such as emergency assistance in case your card is lost or stolen while you are traveling. This ensures that your card is replaced immediately and that you receive emergency cash if you need it. You also have travel accident insurance provided when you use the card to pay for your airfare. This accident insurance covers you, your traveling minor children, and your traveling spouse against accidental loss of limb, sight, life, and other qualifying injuries or incidents. The card must be used to buy the travel tickets so that these benefits can be used.

Cardholders are also protected through fraud protection, which monitors the card for fraudulent use so that fraud can be stopped in its tracks before it becomes a major problem. Once cardholders find that their card has been fraudulently used, immediate reporting results in use of the Zero Fraud Liability policy. This policy keeps cardholders from being held liable for fraudulent charges on their card.

Lastly, customer service allows cardholders to have access to their accounts 24/7. Customer service is conducted over the telephone or online. Through online account management, cardholders can spend the time that they need with their account. Regardless of which customer service method is used, cardholders can manage their accounts from anywhere around the world.

Card Fees And Costs

The fees are reasonable and they are standard. There are fees for balance transfers and cash advances. In addition to these fees are APRs for each that are separate from the purchase APRs. The fees charged for these transactions are a percentage of the transaction or a minimum dollar amount, whichever is greater.

Other transaction types include convenience check cash advance, ATM cash advance, cash equivalent advance, and foreign transactions. If a foreign transaction is made, the percentage of the transaction that is charged depends on the currency that the transaction is in. The percentage is slightly higher if the transaction is carried out in a foreign currency.

If the account's payment is made late, a late fee will be charged. There is also a returned payment fee. There is no overlimit fee, however, because there is no preset limit to the card. While this does not mean that there is unlimited spending, it does mean that the cardholder doesn't have to worry about limits when traveling with the card or using it locally.

As for the APR, it is competitive at its lowest point and its highest point. Exactly what the APR is depends on creditworthiness and the Prime Rate. It is considered somewhat lower or comparable to similar travel rewards credit cards.

If a cardholder wishes to avoid paying the purchase APR on the card, all they have to do is pay off the entire balance before their due date.

When balance transfers and cash advances are conducted, the APR and fees are assessed to the account immediately, whereas the purchase APR is not until the payment due date. With the waived APR the first year and all of the bonus miles and Complimentary Companion Tickets, cardholders are presented with opportunities to save money as they spend it.


The AeroMexico Visa Signature Card is a card issued by U.S. Bank that uses all of the Visa Signature services, as well as a variety of other benefits that can save the traveler money. If you travel AeroMexico or you plan to, this is a card that can save you money on your travel, as well as give you access to a number of privileges.

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