Disney Premier Visa Card Offers Lots Of Features

The Disney's Premier Visa Card is available to apply for online. Once you are awarded the card, you can begin taking advantage of the many benefits. Year-round, there are savings and rewards that will help you get more out of your vacation and more for your family.

Lots of Disney Rewards

As a cardholder, you will be able to enjoy a lot of Disney Rewards. Some of the rewards that come with having the card include:

  • Discounts
  • Character meet and greet
  • Disney Rewards

Discounts are available all year long. The card will grant discounts at the theme parks, disneystore.com and at Disney stores all around the country.

You are also entitled to private Character meet and greets at various locations. This will give you and the family the opportunity to get up close and personal with Mickey, Minnie, the Disney princesses and many of the other characters.

Disney Rewards is another benefit of being a cardholder. You will earn reward dollars for every dollar you spend. The more you spend, the more you earn. These reward dollars can be saved and used on thousands of rewards. This includes treats that you can order for home. When you are on vacation, you can also take advantage of free travel, discounts and more with the rewards.

Additional Cardholder Benefits

As a Chase cardholder, there are other benefits that you are able to take advantage of as well. With the Visa logo, you can make purchases around the globe. Whether you use the card at gas stations, restaurants, grocery stores, online or anywhere else, it will be easy to buy what you need. You can be approved for a generous credit line. This gives you the ability to charge what you need.

With Chase, you get Inside Access. This helps you gain access to some of the top events going on. Some events that haven't gone on sale yet or are sold out can be accessed by you. Concerts, theatre shows and more can be at your fingertips.

You also have the ability to choose the card design that you want for your wallet. You may decide on Tinkerbell, Mickey and Minnie, Mickey as the Sorcerer, the Disney Castle and many others.

Easy Account Management

It's important for you to access your account easily. You need to know your balance and your available credit line at all times. To avoid going into debt, you have to know where your money is being spent. You will be able to enjoy management features including:

  • Online management
  • Toll free telephone number

The online account management grants you a lot of opportunities to manage your account. A secure connection is guaranteed every time with a custom username and password. You will be able to find out what your balance and available credit is 24/7. You can print, view and download statements to your computer. You can view past transactions. Customer service can be contacted through the online portal. Your bill can be paid online, allowing you to ensure the bill is paid on time without wasting a postage stamp.

A toll free number allows you to talk with a representative. You can ask about charges on your account, perks of being a cardholder and much more. When you don't want to speak with a representative, there is also an automated system. This will allow you to get basic account details from any phone. There is no charge to call the customer service line as many times as you want.

When you receive your statements, it will detail what you owe and what your APR is. Chase will also tell you how long it will take to pay off your balance at the minimum monthly payment. As a bonus, they will also disclose how much additional you can pay each month to reduce your total interest paid and get your bill paid faster.

The Disney credit card is packed with features. From Disney rewards to other cardholder benefits and account management, many are applying for the card.


Applying for the credit card is simple. As soon as the Disney's Premier Visa Card is in your hands, you can begin enjoying discounts, rewards and much more. If you love Disney, you will love being able to save money on all of your favorite purchases and at your favorite theme parks.

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