Built-in Fraud Protection (Discover Benefits)

Smart cards help to keep your credit card accounts safe. Which is why built-in fraud protection on your Discover card is essential and free! It ensures your safety via a wide array of features made to discourage card abuse and frauds.

Your Discover card has fraud alerts that you can set up and subscribe to, secure online accounts, and paperless statements to prevent identity theft, account protection tools, and the lost or stolen card checklist. These tools are there to give you peace of mind so that you can use your credit card without any hassles. You can use these tools easily and know more about them on the Discover card website.

Secure Online Accounts

Whenever you are shopping online, use the secure online account for your protection. This account allows you to generate a temporary card which you can use at any checkout. The temporary card number is made specifically to ensure that you do not have to reveal your real account number on any website. This is one of the many benefits available to Discover cardholders with their built-in fraud protection feature.

Setting Up Fraud Alerts

No matter where you use your Discover card, the fraud alerts feature will give you an advance warning of possible frauds occurring on your account. You will get quick notifications of any unusual activity on your account. The setup will allow you to input various contact points – home phone, cell phone, email address, or text message to your mobile device to ensure that you are reachable in case anything unauthorized activity is performed on your account. This is a free service available to all Discover cardholders.

The Discover $0 Fraud Liability Guarantee

This guarantee is another part of the built-in fraud protection that is available on all Discover cards. What this guarantee essentially means is that you are not held responsible for any unauthorized charges made on your account. Fraud alerts help you to quickly assess any unusual charges made on your account and thereby prevent abuse and identity theft.

Personal Fraud Specialist

Discover cards assign you a personal fraud specialist who is accessible 24/7 in case you have any trouble. He or she will help you until the problem is resolved to your satisfaction. Other protections that are available to you freely are paperless statements (password protected) and secure online accounts to help with your online shopping experience.

Other Tools To Keep You Safe

With the built-in fraud protection feature you have a variety of tools and tips which you can use for worry free credit card usage. The lost or stolen card checklist is freely available on the Discover website and offers some really important advice as well as a checklist of things to do in case your credit card is missing. Other tools like Wallet Protection (make one call in case you lose your wallet) and Identity Theft Protection are available to all Discover cardholders for a modest fee.

More and more people are choosing Discover cards for every day usage. The built-in fraud protection is one of many features that make your credit card owning experience a truly exceptional one. Discover more freedom to do the things you want to.

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