Rewards Programs (Discover Benefits)

Nobody gives you more benefits and rewards on your spending than your Discover card. The Discover rewards program offers cash back bonuses on purchases. This cash back bonus is applicable to categories like travel, home improvement stores, department stores, gas, groceries, and more. The added benefit is that these categories keep changing and you can sign up for them as you go.

No more hassles of collecting points or keeping a track of all your purchases just to know how many rewards you have earned. The cash are included in your credit card statements and can be verified online instantly from wherever you are.

ShopDiscover and Earn More

ShopDiscover is an extension of the Discover rewards program for people who like to purchase items online and enjoy the benefits of big cash backs as well. You can get cash back if you shop online through ShopDiscover on the websites of 150 major retailers across the United States. For those who get their rewards as miles, shopping through this portal can get you Double Miles on everyday purchases.

There is no enrollment necessary or promo codes to remember. Just log into your Discover card account online and get started with shopping at ShopDiscover. All points accumulated will be automatically added to your account when you are shopping. That is how easy it is, just log on, shop, and watch your rewards or miles accumulate!

Earn on Your Regular Shopping Too

For those who prefer shopping at your favorite store which might not be on the big retailers' list or for those who do some shopping beyond the big retail stores, you can earn cash back on everyday purchases. That's right, every where you shop with your Discover card, you earn cash back.

No hidden fees, no small print limits – just great benefits and rewards program on your Discover card. That is how it should be. Any rewards program should not be about small print and legal loopholes, it should be about rewarding your shopping experience, about convenience and about no hassles. Discover card users know, understand and experience this.

Redeeming Your Cash Back Bonuses

The benefits of using Discover cards rewards program does not end with the conveniences or the simplicity of using it. In fact, the beauty of the program lies in how you can redeem all the cash back bonuses. To put it simply, redeeming your rewards can be a reward in itself.

Here's how: you can choose to redeem your cash backs as gift cards from the brand partners of Discover cards and earn even bigger rewards. You can choose to use the cash backs to credit your Discover account or to donate to your favorite charity.

You can get a Discover Gift card and all items purchased with it will be waived of purchase fees and shipping charges. Or you could also simply transfer the cash backs to your bank account electronically.

Whatever you choose, your Discover rewards program allows you to do more, and discover more things you enjoy doing!

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