Discover Community (Discover Benefits)

Smart credit cardholders choose Discover cards for a reason: the Discover Community. Of course there are the cash back bonuses, the simple and effective customer service website, the super helpful financial tools and many other benefits.

This community is the social media effort of the Discover team to ensure that you can be online and connected to the people you trust your finances to, the people who reward you for your purchases and the people who also help you get over some really tedious credit card issues that nobody needs to get hassled about. It is the online platform where people come to learn about credit, to share ideas and knowledge, and also to find solutions to common problems and worries.

Discover Tweeting

The general population spends most of its time doing things online – connecting to people, sharing thoughts and ideas, shopping, making reservations and more. So why not use this platform to educate and respond to those who need financial assistance? This was the idea that germinated and then blossomed into the Discover community. Take a media sharing platform like Twitter for example. The Discover team uses its Twitter account to help solve problems – from offering sound financial advice to putting up the latest offers of cash back bonuses for the benefit of the community. Follow the Discover team on twitter with our handle @Discover.

Your Tube Indeed

When Discover released its latest ad "Peggy," it had a viral effect. Most people watched the ad online rather than on television. So the Discover team started to educate users about the customer service that makes Discover special. We made videos with actual customer service executives sharing their stories and incidences that made them re-affirm their professional role at Discover. See them online through the Discover cards website or just search for Discover on Youtube. This has become another great way to engage with our wonderful clients and reach them through our Discover community efforts.

I am a Fan!

So are over twenty one thousand other people. The Discover page on Facebook has an ever growing community of people who "like" us. They love our products and love how we deliver cash back bonuses, and free tips to get even more credit and savings to them through our updates. "Like" us on Facebook and see for yourself. Our community on Facebook is real and it is growing so fast!

More Ways to be Discovered!

For those who love their cash back bonuses, follow the blog – I love Cash back – through their community page on the Discover website. You can read through real stories of how people have redeemed their to their satisfaction and the satisfaction of their loved ones. After all, the greater reward is in sharing! Their other blog – the Discover card blog – offers more detailed stories on not only cash backs but also great ways to save money, improve your credit, use the newly introduced features on the Discover website and more.

To make a difference to your financial life, to learn new things, to share your ideas, to meet new people, to save more money – be a part of the Discover community. We invite you to join us online!

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