Customer Service (Discover Benefits)

Smart customer service begins with smart credit cards. When credit cards present so many great benefits to the cardholders, really helpful and friendly customer service is a natural extension of the services they offer. It is one of the things that makes owning a Discover card so much fun.

To make the most of the benefits available to you, simply go online to the Discover cards website and log in. From 24/7 travel assistance to smart, easy to use financial tools to make your life easy and save you money – you can find it all here. Most of all, all these benefits are free to Discover cardholders – no hidden fees, no charges. It pays to hold on to a Discover credit card.

The Customer Service Website

The simplicity of the Discover cards customer service website makes it really easy to navigate and perform any tasks that a cardholder might want to. There are no flashy banners or unnecessary clutter to distract you from doing what you want to. For example, the smart way to change your address is to do it online under the "my card account" link. Update your personal information, change your email address and phone numbers, setup your alerts to receive text messages of fraud alerts and any unusual activities on your credit card account.

Like the smart Discover card, the customer service website has some really smart tools to make your financial life a breeze. You can setup reminders to receive text messages before your payment is due, when a transaction goes above the set credit limits or when Discover receives your payment.

Smarter Statements

The paperless statement is the smarter and safer option that is presented to all Discover cardholders when they log on to the Discover website. It is smarter than receiving your statement in the mail because you get them much faster on email and you do not have to maintain your statements in a file – you can download them as secured pdf's (password protected to enhance security) and print them whenever you need a hard copy. It also is a safer choice because it prevents anybody else from accessing your statement. Add to this the benefit of living green and saving trees.

Handy Financial Tools

The spend analyzer and the paydown planner are some really helpful online tools available to all cardholders who access the Discover cards customer service website. The spend analyzer can help you break down your spending patterns automatically by dividing your spending into categories, so you know exactly how much you have spent, on what and when. The paydown planner assists you to calculate the terms of payments and the time frame in which you want to clear your outstanding balance. Smart website means lesser time spent on financials and more time on things you love to do.

The Best Of It All: The Rewards

Cash back bonuses are what make the Discover card one of the most sought after credit cards in America. Log on to the customer service website and go through the latest cash back offers, sign up on the ones you want to use and redeem your rewards online too. It does not get much simpler than this. Discover how you can choose to make your life convenient. Discover how your credit card experience can be satisfying and fulfilling, exactly how credit cards should be. Log on and get started!

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