- Similar to a checking account with a Visa prepaid card
Save up to $220 compared with other cards, the first year alone
- 100% approval with no credit check and no activation fee
$0.99 monthly fee if $500 is loaded each month. (Only $4.95 otherwise)
- Free Direct Deposit from employers or deposit cash at 50,000 retailers
- Write personal checks online: easy to pay rent or other bills
- Earn 1,500 cash back reward points for you first direct deposit load
- Optional companion card available, as if you had a joint checking
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Information - Rates - Fees

Intro APR:
Intro Period:
Annual Fee:
Card Network:
Card Category:
Consumer (Stored Value)
Card Type:
Guaranteed Approval
Prepaid Debit Card
Tax Refund Card
Teen Debit Card
Credit Needed:
Accepts All*
Grace Period:
Late Payment Fee:

Balance Transfers

Balance Transfer:

Other Fees

Opening Minimum:
Application Fee:
ATM Fee:
Additional Fees
Purchase fee (Plan A): $4.95
Yearly fee (Plan A): None
Monthly maintenance fee (Plan A): $0.99
Purchase fee (Plan B): None
Yearly fee (Plan B): $24.95
Monthly maintenance fee (Plan B): None
Foreign currency conversion fee(in addition to Visa commission): 2%

Account closure fee - $8.95
Balance inquiry fee - $0.99
Card replacement fee - $6.95
Decline ATM withdrawal - $2.00
Decline fee on payment - $2.00
Decline fee on reloads from ACH - $10.00
Express card delivery - $14.95
Overdraft fee - $3.00
PIN Change(first ever is free) - $0.99
Reimbursing check fee - $12.00
Withdrawal (in addition to ATM fee) - $1.49

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This is a prepaid debit card suitable for teenagers and everyone who wishes to enjoy benefits of a debit card. Parents who give their kids weekly allowances will this a better tool when monitoring expenses becomes a concern. With easy direct deposit features, card members can receive payment from a parent or employer much easily. Parents can even create an allowance schedule so they don't have to do the deposit themselves.

Visa's Zero Fraud Liability protects members against unauthorized transactions with no liability incurred.

Members have two card plans to choose from - UPside Clear and UPside Edge. The UPside Edge provides free membership into the UPoint reward program. Online account access for both parent and child make it easy to keep track of expenses.


Most attractive:
- Teen debit card
- No activation fee
- No annual fee
Least attractive:
- No rewards


Other Benefits:
* See Terms & Conditions of the card
Online Access:
100% Guarantee Approval:

*The information provided for UPside Visa® Prepaid Card is believed to be accurate at the time of evaluation (Mar 23, 2014). We strongly advise visitors to review the fees, terms and conditions to verify accuracy of the information posted prior to applying for the product.