- Credit lines available from $200 to $5,000! Super Low Fixed 9.99% interest rate on purchases - with no penalty rate!
- No minimum credit score requirements! We invite all credit types to apply! No processing or application fees!
- Helps strengthen your credit with responsible card use. Reports to three national bureaus
- Fast, easy application process. Choose your credit line and open your Personal Savings Deposit Account to secure your line.
- See additional Green Dot primor® Mastercard® Gold Secured Credit Card details
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Information - Rates - Fees

Intro APR:
Intro Period:
APR Type:
Annual Fee:
Card Network:
Card Category:
Consumer (Secured)
Card Type:
Card for Bad Credit
Instant Decision
Low Interest Card
Credit Needed:
Accepts All*
Grace Period:
25 days*
Min Finance Charge:
Max Credit Line:
Late Payment Fee:
Up to $29*

Balance Transfers

Balance Transfer:

Cash Advances

APR on Cash Advances (%):

Other Fees

Additional Fees
Foreign Transaction: 3% of each transaction in U.S. dollars
Returned Payment: Up to $29
Additional Card Fee: $29

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Why does it always feel like we're treading on thin ice when it comes to choosing financial products? Making the decision to apply for a secured credit card shouldn't feel like an overwhelming experience. Consumers are looking for simpler ways of managing their finances and they want their options to be more affordable, too. While technology has helped tremendously, it can sometimes get in the way. The primor secured Mastercard Gold card can quickly eliminate those uncertainties and frustrations. The application process is fast, and you're approval if your income exceeds your expenses by at least $100 each month. Your account is reported to the three credit bureaus, as well, which can lead to even stronger buying power in the future. Plus, because it's MasterCard, you can use your secured card anywhere in the world where Mastercard is accepted.

These days, we're focused more on their finances than ever before. No longer are we assuming the offers deliver what they promise; we want to see the proof. This happens with transparent terms and conditions and the absence of surprise hidden fees. This is one of those offers. With security deposits held in FDIC accounts and low fee structures, it's little wonder it's become the go-to for countless customers.


Most attractive:
- Fixed APR
- Credit reporting
- High secured credit
Least attractive:
- Annual fee

Rewards & Benefits

Other Benefits:
*See Terms and Conditions of the card for other benefits
Online Access:
Credit Reporting:

*The information provided for Green Dot primor® Mastercard® Gold Secured Credit Card is believed to be accurate at the time of evaluation (Nov 10, 2020). We strongly advise visitors to review the fees, terms and conditions to verify accuracy of the information posted prior to applying for the product.

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