- No fees whatsoever. No late fee, international fee, annual fee, or any-other-kind-of-fee, fee.
- Up to 1.5% cash back after making 12 on-time monthly payments
- 1% cash back on eligible purchases right away
- 2% - 10% cash back from select merchants
- $500 - $10,000 credit limits
- Variable APRs 12.99% - 26.99%
- Build credit alongside tens of thousands of Petal Card members
- Cash flow technology may help applicants without credit history get approved
- Petal's technology may analyze your bank account info (using read-only access) to provide a better look at your full financial picture
- Petal's mobile app makes it easy to manage your money, track your spending, and automate payments
- See if you're pre-approved within minutes without impacting your credit score
- Petal reports to all 3 major credit bureaus
- No deposits required
- Card issued by WebBank, Member FDIC
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Information - Rates - Fees

Intro APR:
Intro Period:
12.99% - 26.99%*
APR Type:
Annual Fee:
Card Network:
Card Category:
Consumer (Regular)
Card Type:
Building Credit
Low Interest Rate
No Foreign Transaction Fee
Reward Card
Credit Needed:
Grace Period:
21 days*
Min Credit Line:
Max Credit Line:
Late Payment Fee:
Over Limit Fee:

Balance Transfers

Balance Transfer:

Other Fees

Additional Fees
No fees whatsoever.


Most attractive:
- No credit history needed to apply
- High credit line
- Instant decision
- Credit reporting
Least attractive:
- Not all applicants can expect to get the highest credit line
- No intro bonus
- Regular APR is slightly high

Rewards & Benefits

Reward Types:
Cash Back Rewards
Other Rewards
Universal Rewards
Reward Unit:
- 1% cashback right away
- Earn up to 1.5% when you after making 12 on-time monthly payments
- Plus 2% - 10% bonus cash back at select merchants.
Yearly Limit:
Other Benefits:
*See Terms and Conditions of the card for other benefits
Online Access:
Credit Reporting:

*The information provided for Petal® 2 'Cash Back, No Fees' Visa® Credit Card is believed to be accurate at the time of evaluation (Mar 26, 2021). We strongly advise visitors to review the fees, terms and conditions to verify accuracy of the information posted prior to applying for the product.

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