- Teen debit card benefits
- Get your teen started on the path to smart spending today
- Easily set strict spending limits
- Lock/Unlock Your Teen's Card with a Simple Text
- Monitor Purchase Alerts in Real-Time on Your Mobile Phone
- Family or Friends Can Reload Funds
- No Credit Risks or Overdraft Fees
- Safer than cash with lost card protection
- Use anywhere debit MasterCard is accepted
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Information - Rates - Fees

Intro APR:
Intro Period:
Annual Fee:
Card Network:
Card Category:
Consumer (Stored Value)
Card Type:
Card for Bad Credit
Co-Branded Card
Guaranteed Approval
Prepaid Debit Card
Teen Debit Card
Credit Needed:
Accepts All*
Grace Period:
Late Payment Fee:

Balance Transfers

Balance Transfer:

Other Fees

Opening Minimum:
Application Fee:
ATM Fee:
Additional Fees
  ATM Balance Inquiry – Domestic - $0.50
ATM Balance Inquiry – Intl. - $1.00
ATM Decline – Domestic - $0.50
ATM Decline – Intl. - $0.50
ATM Insufficient Funds – Domestic - $0.50
ATM Insufficient Funds – Intl. - $0.50
ATM Withdrawal – Domestic - $1.50
ATM Withdrawal – Intl. - $2.50
Activation Fee - FREE
Card Replacement - $7.95
Monthly Allowance Load (ACH) - $1.50
Monthly Service Fee - $3.95
Overdraft Fee - FREE
PIN Based Purchase Fee - FREE
Prepaid Card One-Time Load (ACH) - $1.75
Prepaid Card One-Time Load (Credit Card) - $2.95
Replacement Card Express Service - $25.00
Signature Purchase Fee - FREE

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BillMyParents Prepaid MasterCard is an alternative to cash. There are no credit checks to obtain one, and is a great alternative to cash for a teenager. Simply load and reload for allowances or special holidays.

Anyone can reload it, so instead of gift cards, family and friends can add to their existing card. If it should be lost or stolen, it can be replaced quickly and easily. This card can be locked or unlocked from any location instantly.

You just don't get that security with cash. There is no chance of overspending or overdraft fees, revolving balances are a thing of the past, when the card is empty, it is empty. Like any other credit card, it is accepted worldwide at millions of locations.


Most attractive:
- No credit check
- Easy monitoring
- Easy load
- Instant block/unblock
- No activation fees
- Low ATM fees
Least attractive:
- Monthly maintenance fee


Other Benefits:
*See Credit Card Holder Agreement for Other Benefits
Online Access:
100% Guarantee Approval:

The information provided for BillMyParents Prepaid MasterCard® is believed to be accurate at the time of evaluation (Aug 8, 2015). We strongly advise visitors to review the terms and conditions to verify accuracy of the information posted prior to applying for the product.

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