- Enjoy a Credit Line up to $3,500!
- $4.95 initial user price for the Card !
- NO Credit Checks & No Credit Turndowns!*
- Reports to a Major Credit Bureau!
- 0% Financing & No Finance Fees - EVER!
- Merchandise Price Guarantee!
- Rewards: Incredible Member Benefits!
*See Terms and Conditions
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Information - Rates - Fees

Intro APR:
Intro Period:
18 months*
APR Type:
Annual Fee:
Card Network:
Card Category:
Consumer (Shopping)
Card Type:
Card for Bad Credit
Guaranteed Approval
Shopping Card
Reward Card
Credit Needed:
Bad Credit OK*
Grace Period:
Min Credit Line:
Max Credit Line:
Late Payment Fee:

Balance Transfers

Balance Transfer:

Other Fees

Additional Fees
Membership fee: $24.95


- Essential Health is unavailable in the following states: AK, CO, CT, FL, MD, ME, MT, NV, NH, NY, ND, SD, OR, RI, VT, VA, WA, MN.
- The 1stPlatinumPlus Membership is not available in WI.
- eClubUSA credit lines will be made available only to Members who qualify with proof of a minimum combined household monthly income of over One Thousand Eight Hundred Dollars ($1,800.00) per month for the last six (6) consecutive months, have a valid checking/debit or credit card account with a bank or financial institution located in the United States and are at least eighteen (18) years of age. eClubUSA is not a credit repair service, financial or banking institution.

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The 1st Platinum Plus card is a shopping credit card designed for card members who want to build a more solid credit history and improve their credit ratings over time.

Card members incur a monthly membership and maintenance fee. An introductory APR period takes care of interest rates throughout a long term period. On expiry, interest rates go up to a fixed rate disclosed in the card agreement.

Card members can purchase numerous items for sale on the website.

Online account management allows card members round the clock access to the card account without having to wait for paper statements.

Card members cannot partake in balance transfers or cash advance transactions.


Most attractive:
- Additional Benefits
- Credit Reporting
- 100% Guaranteed Approval
- No credit Check
Least attractive:
- Membership fee


- Rewards: Incredible Member Benefits!
Other Benefits:
- Member Vacations
- Merchandise Price Guarantee
- ID Theft Protection
- Credit Monitoring
- Roadside Assistance
- Prescription Drug Discounts
- $600 Annual Dinning Allowance
- $600 Annual Grocery Allowance
Online Access:
100% Guarantee Approval:
Credit Reporting:

The information provided for 1st Platinum Plus is believed to be accurate at the time of evaluation (Mar 31, 2016). We strongly advise visitors to review the terms and conditions to verify accuracy of the information posted prior to applying for the product.