Concierge Services (MasterCard Benefits)

With the changing professional and personal demands today, the concept of concierge services has taken a 180 degree turn. It is not limited to the realms of hotel industry but has merged well in our hectic lifestyle. Read on to know how MasterCard Concierge Services can help you.

Being a single working parent, often you find it challenging to provide quality time in addition to healthy eating habits to your children. Employ concierge services and see the difference; in no time you're entire family will share a happy, loving, and caring bond, all thanks to your concierge.

Defining Concierge Service

The term Concierge originated in the French courts in the medieval period. Under the King's authority an officer was allowed to execute justice with his bailiffs. Later in the 19th century the definition of the term absolutely changed from enforcing law to completing errands and customer service.

Restricted to hotels, assisting guests with tasks like procuring Broadway tickets, making restaurant reservations, and arranging for spa services, today concierge services have evolved into an extensive field of customer service related to other industries like financial institutions and food catering businesses.

Today, many high-end apartment buildings have concierge services in their reception area to help the building inhabitants lead an easier lifestyle. The concierge is employed to run errands for the apartment dwellers who are always running tight on their time schedules and even budget. If you have a concierge in your service apartment, do not hesitate to ask them to fetch you movie tickets, a box of chocolates, or bubbling champagne to celebrate that perfect romantic evening with your beloved.

Also, you can leave for a family vacation with complete peace of mind, as the concierge will take care of your home while you're away. How? Provide them with a duplicate key so that they can effectively and instantly meet an emergency signaling from your home, like a ringing fire alarm.

MasterCard Concierge Service

In an effort to retain and increase clientele, many credit card issuers offer concierge services to their esteemed clients. But what makes MasterCard stand apart from the rest? With MasterCard's World Elite credit card you can enjoy complimentary concierge service. How? The card offers exclusive bonuses like access to airport lounges at no additional cost. Also, the card is co-branded with well-known brands like Saks Fifth Avenue popularly referred as SaksFirst World Elite MasterCard. It allows you to shop without paying an annual membership fee ($150) associated with Sakhs and other co-brands.

MasterCard credit card holders can enjoy the latest enhanced benefits of concierge service with a personal touch. Call your concierge desk and get assistance with medical emergency, travel assistance, charm your woman with surprise tickets to that gala charity dinner or get assistance with lost or stolen luggage.

Thus, investment in MasterCard concierge services can save you immensely both in terms of time and money and you can emphasize on other areas of your personal life and career without crunching underneath the burden of gruesome life.