Chase Freedom MasterCard Benefits

Many credit cards get new customers to sign up for accounts by claiming to offer the best rewards. However, after closer inspection of the rules, fees, restrictions, etc., the consumer has to go through a lot of red tape to benefit from the rewards programs with other creditors. The Chase Freedom Master Credit Card is a simple, no red tape card.

Experience a New Freedom

The Chase Freedom MasterCard card has revamped their customer rewards system. Now, cardholders can earn rewards and redeem them for a cash payout or opt for other valuables. The basics of the system are there is a monetary return for every dollar used for purchase on the card. The ability to earn rebates is currently unlimited. Besides the new rebate, there are more benefits to this card.

Changing Categories

The people who use the Chase Freedom MasterCard enjoy a rebate on all categories on a consistent, changing basis. This means that every so often the categories that you can earn rewards on will change. The categories are as follows:

  • Phone Bills, Health Clubs, Cable, and more.
  • Medication Costs, Home and Garden, House Improvement, Lawn Care and Furniture.
  • Car Rentals, Gas, Airfare, Hotels
  • Retail Stores, Theater Tickets, Food and Grocery, and more.

Discounts for Shopping Online

Chase now extends the offer of discount online shopping to all cardholders. All you have to do is make your purchases through the Chase account with retailers. Chase then keeps all of your purchases in order so as to give you all your rebates in an accurate way.

The Chase Freedom MasterCard Credit Card makes gaining and redeeming rewards simple and easy. There are no hassles to go through and the process is clear cut. There are no miscellaneous stipulations, blackout dates, random obscure fees, or hidden restrictions in the Freedom MasterCard rewards program.

Freedom Rewards

Upon initial activation of a new Freedom MasterCard, you will receive cash back on every purchase made. This rebate does not apply to overdrafts, fees, advances, or balance transfers.

There are plenty of easy to redeem incentives offered. Chase offers a bonus cash back reward on all purchases made in any chosen category. This isn't a one-time offer. This offer happens every quarter. Everyday things like travel expenses, gas, food, and your favorite retailers are all eligible for the cash back program. Shopping actually pays with this card.

You'll find yourself earning more with each purchase. You can earn much more if you're purchasing from Chase merchants as well. For those who love the traditional form of rewards, the Freedom card has the same features and rates and rewards with gift cards, travel rewards, and merchandise.

Annual Percentage Interest Rate

Introductory percentage rates give new customers a chance to collect some reward benefits without having to pay out interest. Qualified applicants receive a year of interest free enrollment. When the introductory APR time elapses, the interest rate is set higher. Other cards may charge as additional amounts on all cash advances but this Chase card does not.

Card Fees

The Chase Freedom MasterCard has no annual fee and doesn't charge membership rewards fees. The fees are accumulated for late payments, cash advances, and international purchases and you should expect to pay higher rates for these things.

Prominent Features

Banking with Chase has its advantages. You will have round the clock online access and the added convenience of paying your bills online every month. You can arrange for account reminders to come directly to your cellphone for payments and other important information. Banking is made easy with Chase.

Freedom Cardholder Support

Card holders are protected from all fraudulent transactions. This is a guarantee. No cardholder is financially responsible should this occur. Chase is always on standby if you suspect something is wrong or your need to ask about this procedure. They seek to make sure all of their cardholders feel secure even in the event of something challenging like identity theft or fraud. This is the Chase Freedom advantage.


The Chase Freedom MasterCard has many benefits for new and current card members. As with any credit card, check the rates and terms you are agreeing to keep yourself educated. If you need any assistance, contact the customer service department.

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