Cerulean Hybrid Card By Discover

Whether you are new to credit or have a less than stellar credit record, the Discover's Cerulean Hybrid Card could be of some help. This is a simple credit card with no application fees and a quick and easy application process.

The world of personal consumer credit is vast. In fact, many consumers would probably agree that the whole of this industry is quite complex, which is why the recent credit reformation measures have been quite a significant benefit across the country. Perhaps these national credit reformations are also responsible for the development of simple financial products like this Cerulean Hybrid Card from Discover. Credit products like this make it easy for people who are new to credit or may just have a little trouble with monthly finances to enjoy the convenient and productive benefits of carrying a credit card.

Easy Qualifications

What might be the most interesting aspect of this Discover product is how it is able to help so many people get approved. This card, or rather the financial institution responsible for the credit check, will consider multiple facets of your financial data in order to determine how well you qualify. This makes it easier to approve you regardless of your credit history but you need to keep in mind that there are various kinds of credit and the information on your credit report will affect the type of credit you can get:

  • Unsecured credit card (basic, revolving credit card)
  • Partially secured credit card (requiring a minimum deposit)
  • Fully secured credit card (requiring a deposit equal to your credit limit)

No matter what your credit history, or if you have no record at all, this dynamic and flexible card make it easier for you to qualify. Your approval will depend on your credit score and while your first approval might not be ideal (because you have no credit history or one that is less than perfect) you can always apply for a credit upgrade after some time. Simply prove that you can be a responsible credit customer and you can alter the specifications of your credit card.

The Benefits

Of course, receiving approval for a new card will only benefit you if the benefits are suited to your needs. This card will let you enjoy saving time and money with the other basic benefits, which includes:

  • No application fees
  • Worldwide acceptance of the Discover Card
  • Free online access
  • 24/7 access
  • Quick and Easy application process with results in seconds

Another benefit you might enjoy is the fact when you apply for this card you will also have the option to receive mobile alerts from the issuer. Of course, when you opt for this it could also open your phone line up to affiliates or third parties who act on behalf of Discover. Some people are firmly against receiving these kinds of messages, especially via text message, so just be aware of it when you apply. They will only contact you regarding your account, but you may prefer to remain undisturbed and only receive notifications through e-mail or traditional postage.

The Fine Print

Because this Discover product can offer various ways to enjoy credit you should also know that there are several other variables that will change based on the information you provide with your online application. This includes:

  • Annual fee
  • Interest rate
  • Monthly maintenance fee (billed once a year in addition to the annual fee)
  • Cash advance options
  • Foreign transaction options
  • Late payment fee
  • Returned payment fee

You should know that this card might provide you with separate interest rates for standard purchases and cash advances. You should also know that you can actually avoid paying interest when you pay new charges in full within 25 days of purchase. Indeed, this card has a 25-day interest-free grace period. The grace period is common to many credit cards today so as you improve your credit, this might also change.


This practical financial product from Discover Card helps people with particularly difficult situations get the credit they need. Whether you have a somewhat shaky credit history or are new to credit altogether this Cerulean Hybrid Discover Credit Card will help you get what you need so you can forge ahead.

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