Cashback Bonus (Discover Benefits)

The Discover cash back bonus rewards program is unlike any other credit card. Most cardholders get cash back monthly or annually depending on their choice. With the Discover card, there are more options like gift cards from brand partners, donations to charity, direct electronic transfers to bank accounts, or getting cash backs in the form of Discover gift cards to redeem your cash back bonuses.

But the excitement does not stop there. You can earn your cash back bonus with every purchase – everything from gas to groceries to home improvement to electronics – whatever you purchase is qualified for cash backs. There are even more benefits with the cash back bonuses on the Discover cards. Take a look at why you should get yourself a Discover card if you do not already have one.

Rotating Categories

Discover card is the only credit card company that offers you a chance to earn more cash back bonuses in rotating categories. You can save a lot of money when you spend your money on things like gas, groceries, restaurants, travel, and more. These categories change throughout the year.

For example – Discover cards will announce a category like restaurants during a certain period of the year. You can sign up immediately and receive more cash backs on all restaurant purchases made during this period. Signing up is easy and free too. All you have to do is call the Discover customer service number or sign up online.

ShopDiscover to Earn Even More

Cash back bonuses multiply when you shop online through ShopDiscover. All Discover cardholders can get quite a big percentage of cash back bonuses when they do their online shopping using ShopDiscover. For those who have signed up for Bonus Miles, this method of shopping earns Double Miles straight up.

There are major online retailers with whom you can shop easily and earn big rewards when you do. There is no enrollment needed, no promo codes to be remembered when you use ShopDiscover. Rewards are automatically added to your account as soon as you login and start shopping. Simple rules, no hassles.

More Cash Back

When you shop with your Discover card in the real world, the categories of the month will give you higher than regular cash back bonuses. All other purchases will give you the opportunity to earn the regular cash back bonus which means that you get unlimited rebate on all the rest of your purchases. It is important to note here that any purchases made at warehouse clubs or the category purchases are not counted towards your total annual purchases.

The Best Part: Redeeming Your Rewards

You can choose to redeem your cash back bonus as gift cards, merchandise or cold cash in the form of direct deposit/electronic transfer to your bank account. You can also choose to credit your Discover card account in certain specified increments. To earn more rewards on your cash back bonus, you can redeem them as gift certificates from Discover cards brand partners. Alternatively, you could choose to donate a part of or the entire cash back bonus amount to your favorite charity.

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