Cash Over (Discover Benefits)

Discover card now has the cash over feature enabled on most cards. This feature allows any Discover cardholder to get cash after making a purchase – which is usually applicable only to debit cards.

The cash over feature is new and one more convenient way to use your Discover card. It saves time and hassle by allowing you to withdraw cash without a visit to your bank or the nearest ATM. Discover cards also have many other features that make it one of the best cards available today – like low introductory APRs, built-in fraud protection, smart online tools for money management, a rewards program unlike any other, and card personalization.

Why Use The Credit Card For Cash Over?

Simply put, because it is very convenient to do so. Think about it. Most people want to use their Discover card to do everyday purchases. This is because Discover cards offer a rewards program like no other with cash back at most retailers and on any other purchases. Now, a trip to the grocery store can mean an easy payment via your Discover card, earning rewards every time you shop and even getting cash over the transaction at the same APR as your regular purchases.

Does It Mean More Fees?

The cash over feature on your credit card has no charges attached. This means every time you choose to get cash after making purchases on your discover card, you will not be charged anything more than your current APR. This is one of the firsts for any credit card and Discover card takes pride in making things more convenient for their cardholders. No hidden fees, no transaction fees - just cash when you need it.

How Much Cash Can Be Withdrawn?

Unfortunately, the sky is not the limit, it is much closer to the ground than that. Cash over transactions on your Discover card cannot exceed a certain amount daily or monthly. These limits are available on the Discover website. It is also possible that the limits may be predetermined by the merchant and therefore could be lower than those available on the website. For a list of retailers and merchants who allow cash over transactions at checkout, go to the Discover website.

Any Other Benefits On The Discover Card?

Discover cards are driven by benefits given to its cardholders. From 24/7 travel assistance and exceptional customer service, to built-in fraud protection and safety features, card personalization to enhance your Discover cardholder identity, identity theft protection, easy access to online account management - through the website as well as your mobile device - a rewards program that offers cash back on virtually everything you purchase, an online shopping experience that rewards you even more, a secure online account to protect your real account number when shopping online, helpful financial tools that allow you to calculate your spending patterns, your payment patterns, and manage your monthly expenses, and many more features that make owning a Discover card a truly world class credit card experience.

The cash over purchase transaction is simply one more way for you to discover more freedom to do the things you want, conveniently.

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