Cardmember Dispute Resolution (AMEX Benefits)

Consumers should already be in the habit of reviewing monthly statements from their bank accounts and all of their credit cards. Keeping receipts is essential to managing spending, and more importantly watching for identity theft or erroneous charges.

When customers establish habits of reviewing all of their statements, they can more easily and quickly find erroneous charges or signs of identity theft. Contacting creditors immediately will help to stop the problem before it becomes too big. It's important to understand the credit card company's stance on Dispute Resolution and how to file disputes.

American Express offers several options for dispute resolution. Customers can easily mark charges they are disputing online. They can also call in disputes to customer service representatives. If they are still having trouble handling disputes, arbitration is an option that could be helpful.

Filing Disputes

It's important to know how to file disputes just in case the time ever comes that the knowledge needs to be put into action. Consumers are not responsible for erroneous charges they did not make, so informing the company can save money. If, while reviewing his American Express bill, a customer comes across a charge he does not recognize he should immediately contact the company so they can begin an investigation.

For dispute resolution, card members can visit the AMEX website and open an inquiry. There will be an option to select the type of inquiry and to select the charge in question. At this point, more details about the charge may be shown. If it is still necessary, customers can open the dispute at this point. This process only takes a few minutes. If preferred, customers can choose to place a call to a representative to have the dispute opened.

Dispute Status

One reason it's important to get disputes opened as soon as possible is because of the amount of time it can take for American Express to complete their investigation. The dispute could be open for about 6-8 weeks before the customer hears the resolution. When the investigation is complete, customers will receive a letter in the mail describing the outcome and the actions that have been taken. The status of the dispute can also be viewed online throughout the process. Customers just need to select the option for viewing open inquiries. However, if the dispute has been resolved, customers will need to look in the closed inquiries section in order to find it.

Sometimes American Express may require customers to send in supporting documentation for the dispute. If customers already have items they know will help the investigation, they should send it to the customer service department. However, a representative should be contacted first in order to get the correct address and information to put on the paperwork so it can be filed appropriately with the customer's case.

In rare cases, customers do not feel they have received a satisfactory resolution to their disputes. If this occurs, they should request information on arbitration. This is another avenue that can be used to have a dispute resolved. It will save the cost of legal fees, but helps customers to receive an efficient form of resolution.

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