Car Rental Collision Damage Waiver Insurance (MasterCard Benefits)

Car rentals are an increasing phenomena especially in this day of global, economical, social, political, financial, and cultural advancement. As these conditions continuously oil the wheels of development, man responds in many ways typical to their natural human drive. Car rental provision is an alternative to outright ownership of cars, a medium that enables people to partake of the necessity of relevance of mobility. Despite the seeming importance enjoyed from car rental facilities, it however comes with its one brand of problems - damage from car rental collision, a problem that requires car rental collision damage waiver insurance.

Car rental collision damage waiver insurance is a provision filed to cover incidences such as damage from collision to car rentals. A collision damage waiver or CDW as it is sometimes called is not an intrinsic service derived from insurance services, rather it is an action carried out by agencies to waive off certain rights to claim money from identified incidences like car damage, so it should not be confused as a transfer of risk but a manifestation of that agency's financial ability, being self insured. For convenience purposes, card issuing institutions like MasterCard are positioned to provide ease and convenience in obtaining car rental collision damage waiver insurance.

Mastercard CDW Procedures

All cards like Discover, American Express, Visa, etc., offer car rental collision damage waivers but each has their own distinctive package. MasterCard by evaluation and consistent client satisfactory reports happens to provide extensive car rental collision damage waiver insurance that is customer effective. For instance, the Visa card covers collisions and theft but neglects other relevant possible car rental incidents like vandalism, and whether this infers that if one rents a car and it gets vandalized, or destroyed or damaged by weather conditions like hail, the client will not be entitled to any claim, but be requested to pay for damages.

MasterCard on the other hand goes beyond providing car rental collision damage waiver insurance to vandalism, theft, and weather. This is by far a highly comprehensive claim and anyone who operates under the MasterCard DWC coverage is fully covered. So while other cards are insensitive to inescapable natural occurrences, MasterCard is very sensitive thus making it a favorite for car renters. Below are the comprehensive details on the MasterCard car rental collision damage insurance waiver service.

MasterCard Category/Procedure

Not all categories of MasterCard enjoy the benefits of car rental collision damage waiver insurance, it is exclusively provided for gold and platinum card categories. So if customers pay for the complete car rental with their platinum or gold MasterCard they will be entitled to money depending on what category they are in.

Other Features

  • Coverage includes theft, vandalism, collision, and weather hazard affects
  • There is a maximum amount of rentals
  • Only covers paved road
  • MasterCard services extend to all countries except a few like Jamaica, Ireland, etc.
  • Drivers who are recognized in the rental contract are also covered in the MasterCard car rental collision damage waiver insurance coverage
  • Mastercard can be used in any transporting or rental agencies

MasterCard car rental collision damage waiver insurance is convenient and comprehensive. It makes car renting a good experience as it covers a wider range of car collision incidences.