Benefits Of Life Lock

Identity theft and credit card fraud happen to people every day. In order to protect yourself, there is LifeLock. This is a service that gives you a number of benefits to provide you with the information you need, along with a guarantee.

Identity protection is a very valuable service. There are some credit cards that offer a small percentage of what LifeLock offers. The difference is there's more benefits and more guarantees with LifeLock. There are also notices on a specially designed website to give you more details as to how the company is doing their job.

LifeLock Provides You with Notices

There are many ways for companies and fraudulent services to take your money and steal your identity in today's day and age. With the use of the internet and credit cards, taking someone's identity is easier than ever. It's important to be aware of these threats in an easy to get notice board. When you log onto your site at LifeLock, you are able to find out a number of things through notices including:

  • A view of your credit score
  • Fraudulent withdrawals

LifeLock monitors various things with its internet surveillance to tell you what's going on. You can also apply for various applications for wireless, utility, credit and even mortgage loans within the special network to ensure that your identity is kept safe.

Additional Features

Fraud is a serious threat and you need to do something in order to protect your best interests. LifeLock is very affordable and offers a number of additional features that makes it worth your while. The features include:

  • Proactive alert system
  • Customer support
  • Monitor identity
  • Identity theft insurance
  • Cancel at any time

The proactive alert system is ongoing to keep surveillance of who's looking up your information. This way you can be alerted to a problem before it becomes a significant issue that could cost you money, a reduction in your credit score or the theft of your identity.

Customer support operates 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. There is always live service to ensure you can talk to a real person.

LifeLock will monitor your identity. Should anyone try using your social security number or other personal details, it will send a red flag.

The identity theft insurance provides you with a zero deductible insurance with your membership. You will be reimbursed for a number of out of pocket expenses that have to do with identity theft. This may include any withdrawals made on any accounts in a fraudulent manner. You can also be reimbursed for lost wages and child/elderly care. Any travel expenses or document replacement fees will also be covered.

You have the ability to cancel any time you wish. There are no contracts and no prepaid fees. If you are unhappy with the service at any time, you can cancel with no obligation. This is the easiest way to get coverage and end it should you want to.

You Have a Guarantee on Your Identity

Perhaps the biggest benefit of LifeLock is that there is a guarantee. Should you ever become a victim of identity theft, LifeLock covers you. Due to a defect or failure in their service, they will spend up to $1 million to hire lawyers, investigators and experts to help recover your identity.

This service guarantee is better than any other company out there, which is why LifeLock has gained so many customers. If you're going to pay a company to look out for you, you need a guarantee that it will do what it says it will. $1 million is a significant amount of money to give you peace of mind.

Should a claim ever happen, LifeLock will do a full investigation. You will get reports, explanations and follow-ups. The company prides itself on being thorough. You will be kept in the loop the entire time so you can find out what's going on with your identity.

Final Word

In today's day and age, you can never be too careful. LifeLock is designed to protect you. Should their service ever fail to protect you, there is a $1 million guarantee to help you with the recovery process. This service guarantee is hard to find anywhere else.

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