Benefits of American Express Blue Cash Preferred Card

Applying for a card with a lot of benefits shouldn’t be difficult. With the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express, the online application makes it simple. Upon credit approval, a card is sent out, activated and benefits start virtually immediately.

Premium Benefits All Year Long

There are a lot of benefits that are offered all year long, just by being a cardholder. These are complimentary services, making the card more important to own. Such features include:

  • Entertainment access
  • Blue Savings Program
  • Travel Perks

The entertainment access provides cardholders with access to the best entertainment around the globe. Music, sports, theatre and much more can be provided with a phone call. Operators can grant access to tickets that haven't gone on sale yet and are sold out. This special access is a perk of being a cardholder.

The Blue Savings Program saves cardholders money all year long. Discounts are provided to hotels, restaurants, and other retailers. A full list is on the card website, ensuring everyone can find out what the available discounts are to take advantage of.

Traveling with the American Express card provides benefits, too. If the travel is booked with the card, travel accident insurance is provided. This can offer insurance in the event of an accident while traveling as well as if luggage is lost or misplaced and other events that can happen. There is also a Global Assist hotline made available to cardholders. This is a 24/7 number that can be called to get connected to assistance for medical or legal advice as well as assistance with lost documents and more.

Cash Back with Every Purchase

Everyone wants cash back and with this card, it's possible. Every eligible purchase earns at least 1% of the total purchase in cash back rewards. Depending on where the card is used, it's possible to earn more than 1% as well. Buying typical items like gas and groceries can provide significant amounts of cash back. Decadent items and travel can also provide cash.

Cardholders have two options when it comes to the cash back rewards. A check can be requested to be mailed out. A credit to the statement balance can also be applied, helping to pay down the balance faster.

Since the card is accepted around the globe, online and over the phone, it makes it easier to earn rewards. The card is accepted by millions of merchants. Cash back can be requested at any time – it never expires, allowing cardholders to save it until it reaches a desired amount.

Additional Perks of Owning the Card

This American Express card is the card that keeps giving. Additional benefits that are offered include:

  • Customer service
  • Online account management
  • Various forms of protection
  • Different payment options

Customer service is available 24/7. If there is a question on the account, customer service can be reached by toll free number. An automated version will give basic account details, including balance and available credit. A representative will be able to answer questions, discuss charges and forward complaints to the appropriate departments. Payment can also be accepted over the phone.

Online account management makes it easy to manage the account from anywhere there is an internet connection. A username and password will be established for security. Upon logging on, cardholders can gain access to account balance, available credit and past purchases. Statements can be viewed, downloaded to the computer or printed for records. Bills can be paid online and questions to customer service can be sent.

Protection on the card is complementary. Purchase protection covers eligible purchases for 90 days past the date of purchase against theft and damage. This protects purchases more than other cards on the market. Fraud protection also covers fraudulent purchases to ensure the cardholder isn't liable for non-authorized charges.

With the American Express, cardholders have two payment options. Interest can be avoided by paying in full each month. There is also the flexibility of being able to pay for purchases over an extended period of time.

Final Word

Everyone enjoys receiving cash back. With the right credit card in one's wallet, anything is possible. Payment flexibility, cash back and many other benefits are available upon being approved for credit. The low annual fee provides much, making the Blue Cash Preferred Card from American Express a popular card.