Benefit From The US Airways Premier MasterCard

If you enjoy traveling for free, you will enjoy the US Airways Premier World MasterCard in your wallet. It's easy to get approved online and benefits last all year long. A low annual fee entitles you to receiving US Airway miles with every purchase as well as many other travel perks. You will also enjoy other tools, such as online account management and fraud protection.

How To Earn Miles

Earning miles is easy when you have a MasterCard in your wallet. You can make the purchases anywhere that is convenient for you. Gas up your vehicle, shop for groceries and buy gifts on the internet. Millions of merchants worldwide accept the card, providing you with more options than ever. Shop online, over the phone and in person to get your miles.

Bonus miles can be earned with an introductory purchase. This will be the first purchase you make on the account. In order to qualify, it must be made within a certain time frame and be at least a specific amount. More miles can be made by doing balance transfer within the introductory period of activating your card.

You will also earn miles for every dollar you spend on the card. One mile per dollar will be for all purchases. Two miles per dollar will be for all purchases made on US Airways. With miles being awarded for every purchase, it will be easy for you to get the miles you need.

The miles you earn can be used for travel rewards. As a cardholder, you can redeem flights for fewer miles than other US Airways frequent flyer account holders. In addition to free flights, you can use the miles for other travel, including hotels and rental cars. Participating airlines will also accept the miles, allowing you to fly to more destinations around the world.

US Airway Benefits

There are many benefits to holding a MasterCard that is affiliated with US Airways. Cardholders can enjoy more than just free travel perks. There are also other perks that include:

  • Priority boarding
  • US Airways Club
  • Companion tickets

You may hate standing online, waiting to board the plane. When you have this credit card, you always get Zone 2 boarding. This will allow you to board the plane early, allowing you to get comfortable in your seat. This is automatic with every ticket you book, so there's no need to check-in early or make a stop at the reservation desk.

The US Airways Club is available at airports all around the world. It provides a luxury lounge for you to relax in before your flight. Even if you're not an elite member, you can gain access to the lounge by being a cardholder. You will be issued one complimentary day pass each year.

Companion tickets can make air travel more enjoyable. When you fly with someone on US Airways, you can afford their tickets more effectively. You will be able to get two companion tickets each year at a discounted price. The price you pay depends on where and when you will be flying.

Other Card Benefits

Many other card benefits are offered to you as well. Once you pay the low annual fee on the card, there are no other hidden costs. You get all of the benefits at no additional cost.

  • Financial flexibility
  • Various account management tools
  • Fraud protection
  • Customer service

Financial flexibility is provided to you as a cardholder. Each month when you receive your statement, you determine what to pay. There is a minimum due on the account. You can choose to pay that minimum and carry the balance into the next month. This will include interest charges. The other option is to avoid interest charges and pay the balance in full from month to month. Depending on your finances, you choose the method that works best for you.

Managing your finances is made simple with multiple options. You can call the toll free number to hear the automated message with account balance and available credit. You can log onto the mobile app to get basic account details. You can also log into the online portal to get credit balance, available credit, view transactions and more. Bills can be paid online and statements can be downloaded to your computer. All of these options ensure you stay up on the account details to avoid going over your credit line or going into credit card debt.

Fraud protection is provided on the card at all times. Your personal information is kept private with every transaction. Your account is also monitored 24/7 to prevent fraudulent activity from occurring. Should anything out of the ordinary occur, you will be contacted to verify the activity. There is a 100% fraudulent activity protection on the card stating you won't be held liable for fraudulent purchases.

You also have access to customer service for added convenience. You can contact representatives online or over the phone. Live representatives are available to answer your questions and provide you with details on your account. You can dispute charges, report fraudulent activity and more. If your card is ever lost or stolen, you can report it and have a new card sent out to you. Should you ever lose your card while on vacation or business, the card can be sent out to you wherever you are quickly so you always have a method of payment with you.


Apply for the Premier World MasterCard credit card today to begin enjoying all of the US Airways perks. The card application is available online and can be completed in minutes. The moment you activate your card, you can begin shopping with your MasterCard to start earning benefits.

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