Bank Your Way With ACE Elite Blue Visa Prepaid Debit Card

When you are looking for a way to manage your money the way you want to manage it, such as being able to make deposits in your own time and having access to features that are important to you. Control over fees and the ability to use the ACE Elite Blue Visa Prepaid Debit Card where you want may also be important to you.

Prepaid debit cards have become a way in which individuals secure their money. They behave like a bank account without actually being one. In other words, you have the Visa logo on the card, allowing it to be used anywhere Visa is accepted. Money can be deposited into the account, it can be withdrawn via an ATM machine, and it can be used to pay bills and make purchases. You are able to use the card just like you would any other debit card.

The difference is in the fees. Some are the same and many others are different. For instance, many bank accounts have monthly maintenance fees. With the ACE Elite Blue Visa Prepaid Debit Card, you can choose your fee plan so that you have control over what you pay to have your account. You can choose no monthly fee and simply pay a per transaction charge or you can choose to pay a monthly fee with no per transaction charge. If you opt for free direct deposit, the monthly fee is less than if you don't opt into direct deposit.

In addition to direct deposit, there are a number of features that range from being able to open a savings account with a high annual percentage yield and even the ability to open a no-cost life insurance policy.

Free Direct Deposit

When you do opt for direct deposit, you receive the card in its most affordable form. You pay one very low monthly fee to not have to pay per transaction. The only transactions that you have to pay for are ATM transactions.

When you receive your card, you also receive a slip that you can give your employer so that they can enroll you in direct deposit. It gives them the information that they need to put into their payroll system so that your paychecks can be direct deposited into your ACE account.

When your checks are direct deposited, the money is available to you earlier than it would be if you had to pick up your paycheck from your employer. You don't have to worry about traveling to your place of work on your day off or spending your lunch break cashing your check so that it is cashed before the bank is closed. The fast access to your cash makes getting paid more convenient.

You can also opt to have your tax refund direct deposited into your account or any government payments to be direct deposited. Regardless of the type of direct deposit, it is entirely free. Just like with payroll, the money will be available early in the day so it is there when you're ready to use it.

When you are a direct deposit customer, you get a purchase cushion. This means you get a small cushion over your account balance just in case you overdraft your account and it is completely free. The amount overdrawn is simply deducted the next time money is added to the card. In addition to this purchase cushion, you also have the option of a no-cost life insurance policy.

Banking Your Way

The ACE Elite is a way in which you can bank your way at the lowest possible cost and in your own time. The reason why you are able to bank in your own time is because there are different reload locations. If a retail location is a NetSpend reload location, then you can deposit money into your account at any time. You can also reload your card at ACE locations. The fee that is charged is going to vary based on where the card is reloaded since the retailers can set the fee, but the fee is relatively low across all reload locations.

You can also log into your online Account Center and transfer money from your bank account, if you have one. The fees associated with a bank transfer are tied to the originating bank rather than ACE. You can reload your card at any time through bank transfers. If you choose to do so through a retailer, then you can reload during their business hours. Some retail locations are open 24 hours a day and others are open during specific hours. Nonetheless, they are open outside of normal banking hours, allowing you to manage your account in your time rather than according to the restrictions of banks. This is why some individuals choose ACE as their bank account alternative.

Managing Your Account

Managing your account is simple. There is the online Account Center where you can check your balance, view transactions, and look at other relevant account details. You can also look up the nearest reload locations.

If you do not have access to the Internet, you can call customer service. However, you can also sign up for text alerts. The text message rates of your carrier will apply when opting for this service. However, it is free from ACE so you can check your balance, information about your last purchase, information about the last 7 deposits made in the past 30 days, and the account and routing numbers so that information is available when you wish to set up direct deposit.

All in all, account access is available at your fingertips. If you wish to avoid text messaging fees, you can use your smartphone to access your Account Center at any time through your browser or through the ACE Elite mobile app. Just keep in mind that the data rates of your carrier will apply.

Final Thought

The ACE Elite Blue Visa Prepaid Debit Card gives you the spending power of Visa, while also providing other features that are designed to make life more convenient, such as the ability to opt for no cost life insurance when participating in direct deposit. The account is easy to manage, easy to deposit money into, and easy to use.

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