Automatic Bill Payments (Discover Benefits)

One of the best things about traveling is that one can leave most of the everyday hassles behind. The Discover credit card offers many benefits including automatic bill payments – so even when you are traveling there are no worries about missing a payment or making a late payment because you have missed the deadline.

Whether it is a merchant's bill or your household utility payments, with your Discover card you can automate the payments for every month. It also makes it simple for you to manage your monthly finances and track all payments online. Take a look at all the other benefits associated with paying bills with your Discover Card.

Why Make Bill Payments With Discover Card?

Most utility payments like water, internet, phone, and cable are due every month at a fixed date and have a fixed cost. With automatic bill payments on your Discover Card, one of the biggest benefits is that there are no worries about missing a payment date or paying late fees. Since the billing is automated, it needs to be set up only once at the beginning. So you can spend less time paying bills and more time doing what you enjoy the most – spending time with your family or catching up with the latest sports and news.

How Does Paying Bills Automatically Benefit You?

While it may sound that by taking the stress off of paying bills every month does not really amount to much, automatic bill payments have some other benefits. Like the fact that you can track all payments online whenever you want to. Another big benefit is that it makes managing your monthly finances easier – with every item paid for listed on your Discover Card billing statements. You have peace of mind knowing that all your bills are paid no matter where you are. Plus you get to accumulate your cash back bonuses faster with the regular recurring payments made on your card. The more bills you pay using this service, the more the cash back bonuses you can get.

Thousands of merchants across the United States accept automatic bill payments from your Discover card. These include phone companies, internet service providers, TV / satellite cable companies, newspapers, and more. You can contact your biller via the phone number listed on your monthly billing statements and check whether they will accept automatic payments from your Discover credit card.

Setting Up Your Automatic Billing Payments

To set up your recurring bill payments, you can either contact your biller or set up the account online through your billers' website. The biller will require some information which you will need to provide like the account number with the biller, the Discover credit card number with the expiration date, the amount to be billed, and whether this will be a one-time or a recurring payment.

Automatic billing payments are a free service provided by Discover. It is one of the many benefits of owning a card that lets you do the thing you want the most – to enjoy your life and leave the worries of monthly bills to your credit card.

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