Automatic Bill Pay (AMEX Benefits)

Making late payments on credit cards can cause a lot of trouble. Budgets can be affected by the additional fees added, and credit reports can be ruined. American Express offers an automatic bill pay system that allows customers the ease of making timely payments without even thinking about it.

Scheduling automatic payments is the best thing many consumers have done to help their budgets and credit score. Now, they can have payments automatically scheduled to come out of their accounts without having to remember to do it every month. This saves customers all the troubles associated with late payments.

American Express offers 2 convenient forms of automatic payments. One is for the payments customers need to make each month to pay off their AMEX cards. The other is a way to allow them to make payments on other bills automatically by using their cards.

Pay AMEX Cards Automatically

One benefit of scheduling automatic payments to pay off an American Express bill is the ability to make changes to the payments when desired. The date of the scheduled payment can be changed as long as the card being paid allows for that option. Many cards have specific dates for withdrawals, so it's important for customers to read about the product before enrolling. Changes can also be made to the amount being applied to the card. As long as the change is requested within enough time for AMEX to apply it before the next payment schedule, the new amount will be applied.

Many customers hesitate to sign up for automatic payments because they know their balances will be different every month. However, even though the required payment may vary from month to month, customers can still benefit from automatic payments. If the fixed amount the customer sets up for his monthly payments is more than what is actually owed, American Express will only take the amount that is owed. Customers need not worry about over paying. If the amount owed is more than the specified amount for auto pay, American Express will only take the amount that has been be specified. Customers can then make the additional payment for the difference. By taking a look at spending habits, this can be avoided by scheduling automatic payments to match recent month's activities.

Pay Household Bills Automatically

American Express also offers the convenience of scheduling automatic payments for household bills using an AMEX card. It's a great idea to use the card to pay off other bills because it allows customers to earn points or rewards on that charge, if the card being used is eligible for those. It's also very helpful for customers to not have to think about paying their bills every month. They can simply schedule payments that will automatically charge to their American Express cards and pay the requested bills. Paying bills this way also offers the convenience of tracking monthly payments all in one place.

These conveniences offered by American Express are ways to make their customers' lives easier. By setting up automatic payments to pay off an AMEX card, customers don't have to think about making payments. By paying household bills using the AMEX automatic payment system, they'll have less to worry about with timely payments, and also may receive the added benefit of rewards from the credit card.

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