Auto Rental Collision Damage Waiver (Visa Benefits)

There are a few advantages enjoyed by every Visa card holder and the most important of them is auto rental collision damage waiver. This facility highlights the strength of the Visa card holder scheme and secures the customer from any future unpleasant events related to theft or damage of rental vehicles.

The Benefits

As per the terms and conditions of the Visa card holder scheme, all holders benefit from reimbursement. This benefit is provided to all of the valid Visa card holders in the United States of America without any additional charge. There are certain terms and conditions that have to be met in order to claim this benefit. This benefit is over and above any other benefits that you might get from an insurance company or any other source.

Protection Services

Auto rental collision damage waiver is one of the protection services offered by visa to its card holders. The other protection services for visa card holders are card holder inquiry service, emergency card replacement, emergency cash disbursement and lost or stolen card reporting. Cardholder inquiry service includes a customer support phone number where the card holder can call for any general inquiries and also to get product or service information. In the case of lost or stolen cards you can report this incident at the customer support number as soon as possible to get the benefits of emergency card replacement and emergency cash disbursement.


A valid card holder of a U.S. issued Visa card with his or her name embossed on the card is eligible for auto rental collision damage waiver. Under this benefit, the card holder should be the primary renter of the vehicle and only the card holder and any other driver permitted by the auto rental agreement are covered.

Covered Losses

Under auto rental collision damage waiver the losses covered are the damages caused to the vehicle physically or if a covered vehicle is stolen. The loss of use charges if levied and proved by the car rental company is also covered under this benefit. If a towing charge is incurred while taking the vehicle to the closest repairing place, then these towing charges would also be covered under this benefit.


Auto rental collision damage waiver is only valid if it satisfies the following conditions:

  • The transaction at the car rental company should be completely done by a valid visa card.
  • Collision damage waiver or any such waiver offered by the vehicle rental company should be declined by the card holder.

In case of an accident or theft, it should be immediately reported at the customer support number provided by Visa. There is a separate number if you are outside the United Sates. The incident should be reported within forty-five days of the event to claim the benefit of this waiver.

Under ideal circumstances the claim money applicable through the auto rental collision damage waiver is paid within fifteen days after the respective Visa official has received all the documentation related to the theft or accident. The benefit is valid in the United States and many other foreign countries. It is recommended that you call the customer support whenever you are travelling outside the United States to check for the benefits applicable to that particular country.

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