The writers on our portal have extensive backgrounds in the financial industry. Many specialize in helping consumers grow their assets, while others are passionate about teaching people about credit, loans or credit cards. Our writers have a strong understanding of all aspects of the financial industry and have provided a wealth of information in the hopes of educating the public on the proper use of credit as well as educating them on terms. See authors list below for a few of the writers that have contributed to the information on our website. Reading their well informed content can help consumers to make better decisions about their own credit.

Antonio Bard

Antonio is a giant in the financial planning industry. He has 15 years of experience in helping consumers to manage debt and plan ahead for retirement. He is now sharing his vast knowledge in this industry on the internet for anyone who is interested in learning these concepts. His knowledge in the credit card industry alone is proving to be highly sought after in today's society.
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Beth May

Beth fulfills her passion for helping others by creating articles that offer valuable information using her plentiful experience as a credit repair and credit cards analyst. She has taught many people to improve their credit scores which has in turn allowed them to make purchases of homes or vehicles at outstanding interest rates.
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Evita Page

Evita, owner of a financial blog, is committed to sharing information with the public on credit card terms. Since they've become so complicated in recent years, she's able to lay out the good and bad aspects of each card type so consumers have an easier time deciding which they prefer.
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Jon Dell

Jon is a blogger with over 5 years of experience blogging about personal finance situations. His focus is on planning for major events before they happen. As a result of his planning, he has helped many families avoid financial downfalls.
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