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When you are looking for a checking account that makes it easy to manage money, the Ally Checking Debit Card is all you could ask for. Cash back, various online account features and the ability to access money anywhere are just some of the perks.

Benefits Of The Ally Checking Account

The Ally checking account is packed with features. You earn interest just like a savings account, allowing you to earn money each and every month. The more money you have in the account, the more money you will earn.

You will also be given free checks as well as a debit card featuring a MasterCard logo. The MasterCard logo makes it easier for you to make purchases around the globe. You can use it at the gas station, at the grocery store and even online with various merchants.

Accessing Money Is Simple

You've loaded money into your checking account. While you do earn interest for keeping the money in there, you likely want convenient ways of accessing the money. The debit card provides you a number of ways to get the money you need very simply.

  • Purchases
  • Cash back
  • ATM machines
  • Transfers

You can purchase anywhere, very easily. You will have a debit card with a PIN number and a MasterCard logo. This allows you to make the purchases anywhere you wish. It can be run as a credit card or a debit card, depending on the situation.

Many merchants allow you to get cash back after making a purchase. When you opt for this method, you don't have to worry about any ATM fees or anything else. You get to pay for your purchase and get some cash in your pocket at the same time.

With your card, you'll get a PIN number. You can visit millions of ATM machines around the globe. You can pull out the cash you need and make a balance inquiry at the same time.

When you log onto your account online, you can make transfers electronically. Send money to and from other bank accounts that you have. This makes it easy to fund your account with Ally as well as fund other accounts that you may have from your Ally account.

Perks Of The Debit Card

It's important that you choose a debit card that is filled with perks. Part of the Ally Checking debit card is that it's not just a standard debit and credit card. It's also got other features for you to take advantage of all year long. This includes such things as:

  • Cash back
  • Credit alerts
  • Customer service
  • Online account management

With Ally Perks, you earn cash back on purchases. You will be able to learn details about which merchants will give you cash back and how much you can earn. The more you use the card, the more you can earn more cash back on all the things you buy on a regular basis anyways.

Credit alerts can be programmed on your specifics. When you want to know when you've reached a certain level, you can receive a text message. This teaches strong financial responsibility because you will never need to worry about overspending with such reminders in place.

Customer service is important because Ally is completely online with no branches to visit. You can ask questions about your account, make an inquiry about a service and generally get assistance. Contacting customer service can be done 24 hours a day and 7 days a week. The representatives can be contacted online, via email as well as over the phone by calling a toll free number.

Online account management is packed with features, too. A username and password grants you access into the portal to learn about your account balance, view transaction history and download statements. You will also have the opportunity to schedule bill payments. These can be one-time or recurring payments to save you time and money. Transfers can be made online and it's easy to find out everything you need to about your account.


Spending money is made simple with the Ally Checking Debit Card. A checking account that offers benefits of a savings account has its perks. The debit card provides easy access to money around the globe and managing money online and with customer service is easy.

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