Trip Assistance Hotline (AMEX Benefits)

Imagine you're on an exquisite vacation in Rome. Now, imagine that sinking feeling in the pit of your stomach when you reach for your wallet and realize it isn't there. What can you do? You're far away from home, a stranger in a foreign land, without any cash, credit cards, or even your passport.

American Express can help if you've lost your wallet, or had it stolen. They can help with your missing passport and credit cards. They can even help if you've developed a sudden illness and can't find an English speaking doctor. Help can be provided if you find yourself in need of legal counsel, as well.

Lost Wallet

American Express offers a Global Assist Hotline to most of its cardholders. This hotline is exactly what you need during an emergency. When you've noticed your wallet has gone missing, the Global Assist Hotline is the first place you should call. They will help you to check in to your hotel if you've lost your wallet, so you won't have to worry about not having a place to stay.

The hotline will also assist you by reporting your credit cards lost or stolen. If your passport has gone missing as well, the hotline will assist you by starting the process of having a new passport reissued to you. They can also help by getting some emergency assets to you if needed. It is very convenient to have one place to call to sort out all of the very distressing issues involved with losing a wallet.

Imagine if you were in a foreign country and found yourself in trouble legally. Whether it was due to a misunderstanding, language barrier, or any other reason, you would probably feel very panicked to be stranger in a country whose laws and legal systems are unfamiliar to you.

Owning an American Express card can be a lifesaver here, since you can make a quick phone call to their 24 hour Global Assist Hotline. The hotline can help you to find the legal counsel you need to get yourself out of trouble. Bear in mind, if a third party is called in, you'll be subject to whatever fees they charge. Having this kind of help available to you can be priceless when you're in a jam.

Medical Help

When you're away from home and turn up with an unexpected illness that requires medical attention, the Global Assist Hotline can help. Contacting them can make finding a doctor easy, especially if you're in a foreign country and are looking for an English speaking doctor.

Your representative will have information available to help you find what you need. Of course, everyone hopes they won't need this benefit while traveling, but we've all heard the stories of people becoming severely ill on vacation. It's nice to have this benefit available, just in case.

Most people enjoy taking vacations. But, whether you're traveling because you want to be, or for a boring business trip, American Express has you covered in the event the unexpected happens. Whether you've lost a wallet, need legal help, or medical attention, American Express can help.

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