AMEX Protection When Travel (AMEX Benefits)

One of the many benefits American Express offers to its cardholders is extra protection while they are traveling. Traveling comes with its own set of worries, stress, and frustration. Planes are often delayed, luggage is commonly delayed and sometimes even lost. While American Express can't solve these problems, or stop them from happening, they can offer a few conveniences that ease the burden.

Some of the traveling benefits received with many American Express cards are the ability to receive assistance in English before, during, or after your trip, rental car coverage, and coverage for lost, stolen, or damaged baggage. Some of these benefits are designed to help you in emergency situations and some will save you money in every day situations.

Trip Assistance

American Express offers something called the Global Assist Hotline to most, if not all, of its card members. This feature allows customers to get medical and legal help while they are traveling if something unexpected comes up. The hotline will help customers find an English speaking doctor or legal representative if they are out of the country.

Also, if you, as the customer have lost a passport or wallet, American Express can also help with a 24 hour Passport and Credit Card Replacement Service. This helps with the process of getting new cards issued, and getting a new passport reissued to you. They can also send emergency cash assets when needed.

Rental Car Coverage

Most people have experienced that moment of indecision during the rental car process when the clerk asks if you want the insurance. This is the moment when people wonder what exactly their personal car insurance will cover and why the agent is making such a hard sale for it. When you use an eligible American Express card to reserve your rental car, you can feel confident in turning that insurance down because AMEX will cover the car if it is damaged or stolen. This benefit will save you lots of money, as the car rental agency will surely over price their insurance.

Luggage Coverage

When traveling, it's common to have luggage delayed. This can often happen when flights are changed at the last minute and the crew does not get all the luggage on the new plane in time. We usually feel confident that our luggage will show up eventually, but it's still frustrating nevertheless.

If your luggage is delayed for more than 3 hours, American Express offers a small amount of coverage to help you replace a few emergency items you may need. That amount increases if your luggage is actually lost completely, or damaged. One of the greatest features of this benefit is that your baggage is actually covered from the moment you leave the house. So, as long as you're traveling directly to the airport, if something happens to your luggage along the way, you can rest assured that AMEX has you covered.

Of course there are certain insurances available for a price that will offer similar services as these. But, it's nice to know that American Express gives convenient benefits to their cardholders just for being customers. Trip assistance, rental car coverage, and luggage coverage are just a few of the ways AMEX tries to make their customers' lives a bit easier.

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