Car Rental Loss and Damage Coverage (AMEX Benefits)

Renting a car seems really easy to do at first, during the reservation process. But, when you're standing there about to pick up the car, lots of new information comes up. Aside from deciding whether you want to pay extra for an upgrade, you now have to decide if you want to add the rental car insurance.

Many people aren't sure how their own auto insurance policies are written. They aren't sure what, if anything, their insurance will cover regarding a rental car. Reserving a rental car on your eligible American Express card can mean you don't need to know what your other car insurance will do because you know it will be covered.

Rental Car Theft And Damage

You've just stepped off the airplane, picked up your luggage, and now you're standing in front of the clerk at the place where you reserved your rental car. Not only are you getting the heavy sales pitch to upgrade to a more expensive vehicle, but the clerk is also trying to convince you why you need to buy their insurance.

Since many people have insurance policies that won't cover damages to or theft of rental cars, it is important to be covered somehow. Fortunately, reserving your car with your American Express card can mean you will receive rental car coverage that covers the car if it becomes damaged or stolen.

This rental car coverage is over and above any other insurance you might have. So if you find out the rental car is covered by your auto insurance, you still haven't lost anything. In either case, it will be covered. It is a good idea, however, to check the terms and conditions and make sure the car you are renting qualifies for the coverage. Even placing a quick phone call to the customer representatives at American Express can help you determine that.

How It Works

The benefit is available to most, if not all, American Express card holders. Check your terms and conditions to see if you qualify. This benefit is also only available if the American Express card holder is the primary renter. This type of insurance is a reimbursement insurance. So, it will reimburse the card holder for any payment they had to make to the rental car company for the theft of or damages to the car. Activating the benefit is easy, since all you have to do is reserve and pay for the rental car with your eligible American Express credit card.

In order to file a claim, the card holder has two options. The first is simply calling American Express and speaking with someone in the Car Rental Loss and Damage Insurance Department. They will begin the process of filing the claim. The other option is to go online to the American Express website and being filing the claim there. In either case, the customer will receive a call back from the underwriting department after the claim has been processed.

Renting a car using your American Express card can help you save money. By providing their customers with valuable rental car coverage, AMEX is taking another step in a positive direction to show their customers how important they are.

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